Tradeshow Giveaways

Sometimes nicknamed “swag,” tradeshow giveaways are a great opportunity to get your brand into people’s hands. After all, everyone likes getting free stuff. These items are generally small and inexpensive, so they can be purchased and handed out in quantity. When choosing an item to give away at an expo or tradeshow, select something people will appreciate and keep. You don’t want your logo to end up at the bottom of a trash bin.

Trade Show Swag Options

Lots of promotional products work well as giveaways at events. They might be something that creates a positive emotion at the moment they’re given, like a chocolate bar molded with your logo. They might be something that’s useful at the trade show, like a tote bag or lanyard. They might also be an item that will be kept and used after the show is over, giving your logo numerous impressions over the life of the item. In that case, it’s smart to include your phone number, e-mail address, or website address on the swag, so it will be handy when they’re ready to contact you.