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What You Should Know About Chocolate Treats Products Before Ordering Them This Summer

Sunshine-filled days and warm nights make summer time enjoyable for all. Everything seems better in summer, right? Everything except chocolate. If there’s one promotional product that does NOT mix well with warm weather and sunshine, it’s chocolate. Chocolate is hands down the most challenging promotional item your company can purchase during this season. Regardless of where you’re located, most shipments will pass through parts of the country where the temperature exceeds 100 degrees fahrenheit- yikes! With that kind of weather, the chocolate as good as GONE unless the right care is taken. If chocolate is in your marketing mix this summer, consider three important tips before ordering chocolate based products for your brand.

1. Evaluate the Alternatives: Yes, chocolate might be a crowd favorite. Yes, it might impress your employees, seal the deal with that account you’re looking to secure, or even win over longtime clients. But there’s also a chance that even if it gets to you in perfect condition, it will get overheated waiting to get in the hands of your customers, or worse, on the trip back to their home or office. If you’re set on an edible promotional product, consider gummy worms, mints, pretzels, or even nuts at this time of year. We’ve got a vast array of delicious treats that are sure to please and stand up to the heat.

2. Make sure the vendor has “Warm Weather Shipping Policies”: If you’ve decided that you need chocolate for your event, Gorilla Marketing will reach out to one of our partners that has a Warm Weather Shipping policy. Basically this means that when the temperature exceeds 75 degrees, orders will be shipped in insulated in containers with ice packs. By doing this the product will preserve its shape and remain cool for about two days. It’s important to note that if you’re shipping beyond the two-day ground delivery zone, expedited shipping will be mandatory.

3. Have a plan to keep things cool at the event: Maybe your company already promised chocolate bars branded with your company logo… if that’s the case, consider how you’ll handle the giveaway the day of the event. Having a cooler on hand will ensure that the chocolates are stored at the proper temperature even if the event venue gets heated. And be sure to remind your folks to enjoy them early or get them to a cool place quickly.

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Why You Need Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles, TODAY!

As professionals in the realm of promotional products (aka sweet company swag), we’ve seen it all. From bathrobes and mop toppers to sumo (yes sumo) stress balls. This means we’ve seen the rise and fall of many, many trendy “in the moment” products (*cough* fidget spinners *cough*) and made it our job to note which hot ticket items are truly timeless. Today we’re excited to share one hot ticket item that most DEFINITELY falls into the timeless category. A true winner for brand promoting, an everyday essential, Summer must have:borosilicate glass-all colors the borosilicate glass water bottle!

We aren’t here to bore you with the science of borosilicate (what its made of that makes it so great), rather we want to share why this product will stand out for recipients of your branded bottle.

Borosilicate glass is a thermal shock resistant product, which means it won’t crack sitting through a record-breaking heat wave or icy winter storm. It is used in cookware, lighting, and scientific glassware, and has been proven to be one of the safest, most durable and sustainable forms of glassware (if scientists can safely use it, we can too!). Borosilicate is not as dense as traditional glass so if it gets broken (like chucked at a concrete wall at 80mph), borosilicate glass will NOT shatter because it was designed to crack in chunks, NOT shards.

Want to know more? Need to explain this to your boss or co-worker? Here’s the Cliff Notes version of why you need borosilicate glass water bottles, TODAY!

  1. First impressions are EVERYTHING. And these bottles make a great first impression. The BPA-free silicone sleeves are available in multiple boro1colors, which creates a stylish barrier against the elements and a great backdrop for your logo displayed on the clear glass exposed at the top of the bottle.
  2. Let’s face it, we all need to drink more water. With the green movement promoting re-usable water bottles, people can get their recommended 8 cups per day of H20 while being “eco-trendy” (which is even better than “eco-friendly”).
  3. When people find a great product they use it, again and again, which means more visibility for your brand. These borosilicate glass bottles are easy to clean with screw-on, leak proof lids that are great for our on-the-go lifestyle.


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