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Tech Related Items Are Top Of Mind

Right now technology realted items are always top of mind and wearable technology is taking over. This is going to be the year of breakthrough wearable technology. We have already seen the beginning of smartwatches, fitness bands, and smart glasses and with Apple launching new tech products it brings a new variety to the market place. Products will become more accessible and affordable to the general market. Some estimate that wearable technology market will reach over $5 billion by 2018!

With a large focus on fitness, the fitness bands and smartwatches have changed the way we exercise, communicate and even how we eat and sleep. These little expensive pieces of technology are designed to get people more active. Many gyms and personal trainers have adopted these devices and have integrated them into their programs. Some companies are also incorporating fitness devices into their employee health benefit packages by providing wearable tech items which may directly affect you. Are you keeping up with wearable technology?

Fitness bands and smartwatches aren’t the only wearable’s going tech these days. Major fitness companies are developing wearable fiber-optic clothing and smart jewelry for the connected fashionistas. Wearable tech has the potential to become the smartphone of the next decade and it will be exciting to see how the promotional products industry responds to all advances.

We expect technology related items to really take off in the second half of 2015 and soar in 2016. With everything you are able to do with these wearable devices anything that is tech related or for use with tech items is going to be a perfect pick for a promotional product.

<Microfibercloth My personal favorite tech related item would have to be the soft microfiber cloths. With the amount of money you drop on wearable technology you don’t want to use a standard cloth or rough t-shirt to clean your device and risk scratching it. Microfiber cleaning cloths are made with high-density microfiber materials designed to remove dirt, dust, and oil smudges from sensitive surfaces like cell phones, smart watches, and fitness band screens. They are available with smooth or serrated (jagged) edges. They come in a variety of colors with spot color print or full color imprint making the possibilities endless.

My favorite size of the microfiber cloth is the 5”x 5” cloth because it fits anywhere and is perfect for any tech item in your life. The best thing about this size microfiber cloth is that it starts at under a buck making it a budget friendly promotional product.


I just so happen to have three, yes three! One in my purse, one in my car, and one at my desk so I always have one on hand. The one in my car has been around almost as long as my 98′ accord, which goes to show they last. It happens to have my insurance company’s phone number on it just in case I get in a fender bender or my little car doesn’t make it I have all I need to call for my roadside service. It is no coincidence I have kept it and used it in my car so long; practical product with important information.

Microfiber clothes are a versatile and economical option to keep you current with wearable technology trends without having to compete with the high priced technology items. Instead it enhances the use of them and makes them long lasting promotional items.


Earth Day is April 22nd

Worrisome evidence continues to roll in pointing toward escalating global temperatures. And as the Earth heats up so does the discussion regarding a potential solution. There may not be a consensus yet on how to undo what we have wrought, but this growing attention to environmental concerns has produced an exponentially growing need for eco-friendly and sustainable products. The promotional product industry has had their respective green thumbs on the pulse of these environmental demands for years and continues to roll out innovative, ecologically-sound means of advertising brands and companies.

April 22nd is Earth Day, as has every April 22nd been for over 40 years when a Wisconsin senator, after witnessing the devastation and destruction of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, set in motion a series of public and political events culminating in the official adoption of the holiday. Within a matter of years the spirit of the event spread out from the US borders and today Earth Day is observed by over 500 million people and officially by a number of national governments in over 175 countries worldwide.



Having a specific event on which to focus is a great opportunity for businesses and groups to promote themselves while showing their dedication to conservancy and protection of our rapidly dwindling resources. Reusable tote bags have long been a staple of the promotional industry and are touted as being a responsible alternative to disposable plastic bags. And since more and more places worldwide are finding that plastic bags are being heavily penalized if not outlawed entirely (plastic bags have been banned in Bangladesh since 2002!), reusable bags have become not only popular but necessary. However, saying you carry tote bags is like saying CostCo carries… stuff. The versatility of these bags in both material and style is remarkably vast. All of these bags are reusable, made with non-woven Polypropylene derivatives, which reduces waste and landfill real estate immensely, but many are made partially if not completely out of post-consumer recycled content.



The call for promotional products made from recycled materials has skyrocketed (presumably fueled by a corn-based combustible elixir) well past tote bags and into diversified categories: pens, drinkware, journals, cutlery, backpacks, and even USB flash drives! Take advantage of this upcoming Earth Day by exhibiting a presence for your brand that is not only creative and intriguing but also demonstrates your dedication to conservancy and ecological preservation.

Would you like help putting together an eco-friendly promotional campaign? Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help suggest a number of items that will present your event/brand in the slimmest of carbon footprints

The Perks of a Promo

Whether you are a new business or have been around for awhile, never under-estimate the power of a promotional item. The perks of promotional products are ever-present, which is why they have been around for years. Sometimes companies are blinded by the cost of a product or assume a small giveaway would not have a significant impact on their business. Read the five facts below to find the truth behind the perks of a promotional product.

Fast Fact #1: 84{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} of recipients of promotional items can identify the advertiser. Studies show that when we get a giveaway product, even without the actual company name boldly stamped on it, 8/10 times we can identify the gift giver. Talk about impressive recognition-ability. We often can’t remember the names or faces of people we meet, but 84{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} of the time, your customer will remember you when given a promotional item. That fact by itself should sell you on the importance of promotional products…but wait, there’s more!

Fast Fact #2: 42{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} of recipients of promotional items have a more favorable impression of the advertiser. Whether we admit it or not, when someone comes to visit you and brings you a simple gift, you will have a more favorable impression of them. The same goes in the marketing business. Generally speaking, getting a promotional product from a company can put them in a favorable light. However, it’s up to you to keep their impression of you positive. Distributing a great promo item and then messing up an order or overcharging for services, can diminish a favorable impression quickly.

Fast Fact #3: 62{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} of recipients of promotional items did business with the advertiser after receiving an item. This fact is a direct result of Fact #1 and #2. Remembering the advertiser of the promo product is crucial to ensure you can contact them for an order. Additionally, you will be more likely to do business with a company if you received a product and have a favorable impression of them. The ultimate objective of a giveaway or promotional item is to keep the advertiser prevalent in the minds’ of your customers. Being easily identifiable and well-liked can sure help drum up more business.

Fast Fact #4: The average promotional item is kept for 7 months. Don’t let this fact cause you to relax your marketing approach. Seven months is certainly a long time and this does mean that there is a higher likelihood your customer will reach out to you if they are holding onto the promo item you gave them. But remember, this is only an average time frame. There are certainly customers that will discard or giveaway the product way before seven months. This means that you need to keep your promotional marketing approach fresh and current. Aim to give out something more often than every seven months or consider a promo item that requires restocking or refreshing.

Fast Fact#5: The average cost per impression (the number of times that a prospect will view your ad) is just $0.004 for promotional items. This easily demonstrates that a promotional product is truly a cost-effective investment. Compare this amount to a magazine ($0.033) or syndicated TV ad ($0.006) and the promotional product reigns supreme.
Whether you are new in business or considered an expert in your industry, we’re sure you’re looking for the most ‘bang for your buck’. A promotional product has several perks to making your business succeed, keeping your brand and logo prevalent and the orders coming in. This is why we are in the business we are in; we know the importance of promotional products!

Reusable Bags Saving the Planet

Whether you like it or not, reusable bags will become one of your shopping tools. Most of us like the idea of using a reusable bag. “Reduce our carbon footprint, “clean up the environment”, and “SAVE THE PLANET” are all phrases we would like to adopt in our style of living. Switching to a reusable shopping bag is actually a step in the right direction. Tobegin your journey on this virtuous path to eco-friendly consumerism, you do need to first buy

your reusable bags. Like many healthy trends (like going to the gym) we often delay embarking on them because we “don’t have the time” or we just keep forgetting to do it. Often times, receiving negative information is the only way to kick-start our healthy habits. To encourage consumers to use a reusable bag when shopping, we will share the ‘negative’ aspects of continuing to use the disposable bags.

Most of us are aware of the increasing amount of trash accumulating across the globe. When consumers throw away a plastic bag, it will not decompose. If the plastic bag makes its way to a water source, usually via a sewer, it can wreak havoc on marine animals. Simply disposing of your plastic bag in a trash can doesn’t mean it won’t accidently fly into a nearby gutter and begin its journey out to sea to create an environmental hazard. Paper bags are not immune to harming our environment.  Paper bags add to deforestation, which affects air quality, plant growth, global warming….the list goes on.

Have we scared you yet?

If we have, then good, because it means we have encouraged you to look at your shopping habits and made you consider reusable bags. Let’s switch gears and look at the positive aspects of reusable bags. What’s the most obvious positive feature? It’s REUSABLE! Anything that you can use repeatedly avoids the need to replace it, essentially eliminating the amount in existence. Even more obvious is the fact that anything reusable means less money leaves your pocket. Deciding to take reusable bags whenever you shop means you reduce the amount of plastic or paper bags in circulation. If we all continue that trend, we can make a huge difference. The amount of trash will be reduced, animals will be saved, fewer trees will be cut down, global warming will be less drastic and yes, we will begin to SAVE THE PLANET!


Whether you’re an individual consumer or a representative for a large company, incorporating reusable bags into your daily living or business-setting can make a dramatic difference. As a company, you can hand out attractive reusable bags with your logo and name to your customers to help them pick up better shopping habits, but also to promote your brand. As an individual, you can actually start utilizing that reusable bag! If we all work together, taking it one step at a time, we can make a difference and SAVE THE PLANET!

Marketing the Science of a Stress Ball

They’re called ‘stress balls’ but do they really help eliminate stress? Or are they just a helpful promotional product? Somewhere in our social history, it was determined that we deal with a lot of stress and that squeezing onto a firm but plush ball would help alleviate that stress.

But is it science or just good product promotion? It’s actually a bit of both! The truth is the stress ball has been used by people for a very long time. The stress balls of today are a bit more ‘flashy’ and go beyond the simple skill of alleviating stress.

The science of a stress ball is that it actually serves to distract and often gives people emotional release by repeated squeezing. A stress ball can do more than just help with emotional stress, but also physical ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism and can improve blood circulation. See! It’s not a fake, there is science! The stress ball does serve a purpose beyond furthering brand identity. If you work in an office setting, like we do, you are constantly typing and using a mouse to complete your daily work (even typing this blog will fatigue our hands). A simple stress ball can help exercise the muscles of the hand and have been known to help avoid or reduce carpal-tunnel syndrome.
Now that we understand more of the science, you will see how it feeds directly into the promotional aspect of the amazing stress ball giveaway! If you have a product that promotes the reduction of stress, and the increase in positive hand-mechanics then you have a giveaway that is going to be popular with customers. Even better, is the fact that contrary to earlier belief, a stress ball doesn’t even need to be round to be effective. Any shape will do! This is where you step in and make a health-promoting item your own brand campaign.
Take our company for instance. We could make a stress ball in the shape of a gorilla head or maybe a miniature gorilla. The stress ball (or stress gorilla) would promote the benefits of good health, but people may walk up to you curious as to why you are so intensely squeezing onto a miniature gorilla. We could take our promotional campaign a step further and create a banana-shaped stress ball, with all the colors and features of your normal grocery store banana. Outfit the stress banana with our logo and company name and TA DA, another great product to easily promote our company.Monkey Stress Ball.jpg
So, the more unique the shape, the more it will catch people’s attention. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to using a stress ball for your next promotional product. Custom orders are our specialty!