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Best Beach Giveaways

Summer is almost over. Hopefully you’ve made at least one trip to the beach and brought along one of the many beach accessories to enhance your beach experience. Many items are synonymous with the beach and used without a second thought. The most common beach items can be a successful promotional giveaway. Even if you don’t live near the beach, these five beach items can be used for any outdoor fun for your customers.

1. Sunscreen: This is a practical giveaway and useful in many situations. One of the primary reasons for heading to the beach is to catch the sunshine and hopefully a tan. It’s ok to take home some extra sand from the beach, but most people would prefer to leave without the sunburn. Try giving your customers a sunscreen bottle with a clip to click to a belt or bag.  Sunscreen is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to tell your customers you care about their ‘sun health’. At $0.47 to $1.00, a fun sunscreen clip will be sure to improve your customer’s beach experience. 

2. Frisbee:  A no-brainer when it comes to any type of outdoor fun, but especially useful for a beach picnic. It’s amazing to think that a plastic plate-shaped item could be entertaining; such a simple invention with a lot of purpose! Buying these in bulk can certainly reduce costs to as low as $0.30 a Frisbee. The best part is that it’s an item that can be a great visual for a colorful or poignant promotional campaign. Beach-goers, aka your customers, will love this giveaway and will help keep your logo or company name flying high!

3. Beach Towel: Talk about a blank canvas for your promotional vision! A beach towel is an excellent way to advertise to your customers, but more importantly it’s a giveaway that will certainly be utilized. To combat hot sand and the cold ocean water, arm your customers with a stylish and vibrant beach towel.  One of the more pricey giveaways, starting at around $6.00 each, but also one of the most effective. Most customers will use a good beach towel for years to come. Every time they head to the beach with their trusty beach towel, they will be reminded of your product or brand. Now that’s effective promoting! 

4. Sunglasses: There isn’t much to explain about this possible giveaway item. Sunglasses are going to be a hit for any event; any occasion and at most any time during the year (expect maybe at a nighttime event).  For your marketing campaign, it’s best to go with sunglasses that are simple and made up of inexpensive materials since sunglasses can certainly range on the very expensive side. Not the best idea to give out mass quantities of Ray Bans or Oakley sunglasses, as that can certainly break the bank. Aim for sunglasses for promotional purposes which will range from $0.94 to $2.00 a pair.

5. Visor:  Any time we are discussing the beach, the topic of conversation will always come back to the sun. There are several possibilities when it comes to promotional giveaway visors. A cool visor is another item to combat the sun and protect your customers. Advertising your product or logo has never come so easy; with the visor, it will be prominently displayed on your customers head! From $0.35 for the plastic visors, up to several dollars for a stylish fabric embroidered version, these are giveaways that can fit almost any budget.

With sun, fun and the cool ocean waters, it seems almost impossible to make a beach trip any more exciting! Never underestimate the power of a nifty promotional item to enhance your customer’s beach experience.


The Right Color

Selecting the right color only seems important when buying a new car, painting a wall in your house or doing something dramatic to your hair; but, color is important when it comes to promotional products too!

Science has been used to identify the colors that evoke certain emotions when viewed by the human eye. In general, every human brain works pretty much the same when processing colors, but of course, you want to use all the best techniques to make sure your customers are satisfied! If you have the flexibility to choose the colors for your next promotional item, use science to make your decision. Let’s focus on the basic principles when it comes to color choices.

What do you think is the most appealing color to the human eye?

That would be green. Notice, we asked “most appealing”, not the color most likely to make someone happy, sad or angry…those would be different colors. If you want to attract people, use the color green. Green is most helpful when it’s the focus of your promotional item, such as a green tote bag or green imprint. People are more likely to pay attention to the information you are sharing simply because the color green draws their eyes to the item. Even more encouraging is the fact that green reminds us of growth and stability. People are more likely to trust what they are seeing if green is a primary color.

So, how do the other colors influence our responses when it comes to the items we use? Glad you asked!

Blue is probably the second most appealing color, and has similar effects on the human eye as the color green. This actually makes sense! If you remember from your elementary school teachings (yeah, we don’t remember that far back either), blue and yellow mixed together make green; so they’re related! The color blue actually creates a feeling of status and intelligence, which is why it is often paired with things of high importance or in business settings. For your next corporate gift giveaway, try a product with some blue, you may find staff are a bit more excited by the sentiment.

The color yellow is actually more appealing to kids, as it stands out the most, so naturally kids will respond to it. We will call yellow the most noticeable color, but not the most appealing. Not all adults will respond to the color yellow since it tends to be a challenging color to see, especially when put in the background. And even though it’s a “happy” color, in some cases the human eye will relate the color yellow to cowardice, so be careful with this color.  Business gifts for the grown-ups may not be as enjoyable if the main color is yellow.

It’s probably a no-brainer for the color brown. While the initial response is of earthiness, the ultimate reaction to seeing the color brown is the feeling something is dirty. While brown is a tame color, it may not be the best choice for appealing to your customers. Black is also unique. We can’t really call it a color, because it’s not! Some call black a pigment or a shade, others just categorize it as the absence of light. Black is good for some things as it does give a sense of mystery and secrecy…so deciding to use black for a promotional giveaway will really depend on what you hope to evoke from your audience.

Let’s end this color adventure with the color red. What are your first thoughts when it comes to the color red? You’re probably thinking of blood, love or anger. Red will illicit the most intense response to the human physiology as it can increase respiration, heart rate, and blood pressure. Using the color red will work best when you want to grab someone’s attention with intensity.  It is also a good color set against white or black backgrounds as it will stand out the best! It’s no surprise that the color red can get a bull’s blood boiling! We can suggest trying red for your next promotional t-shirt or towel giveaway, but we warn you on the powerful response it may bring out of your customers!

When considering your marketing campaign or your next promotional product, keep in mind the color choice and what response it can have on your target audience.

2012 Marketing Trends

At the end of the year, companies make predictions on what will be the hottest new marketing trends in the coming year. If you are in the marketing business, this is a must when developing your ‘business plan’; after all, you want to insure your customers are going to like what
they get from you!  The great thing about society is that as consumers, we desire the newest, most innovative and convenient products out there…and we’ll pay to get them. Staying ahead of the ‘trend’ curve is critical and we want to help make your marketing efforts successful.

2012, going, going, but not gone!

Yes, we are already halfway through the year, but that doesn’t mean some of the 2012 marketing trends won’t be seen in 2013. Below are a few currently trending products and ideas that we can expect to stay around…

E-Readers, iPads and Tablets, one of each please
We saw the craze for iPad, tablets and e-readers over the last year, but these items are not likely to go away in 2013. People want information as quickly and conveniently as possibly, e-readers, iPads, and tablets quench our ‘technological’ thirst. These products are pricey, and consumers will look for ways to protect their costly investment. Why not consider e-book, iPad or tablet holder, covers, and sleeves? These products vary in price, from low grade to top of the line and can easily be imprinted with your company logo or phrase! Since your customers will continue to buy the technology, you can continue to provide them the protection they need.Tablet Holder

IPhone, Androids, and Blackberries, oh my!
Cell phones are certainly not going anywhere; not only do our grandparents now have cell phones…their using them! Communication is key if want to get ahead in the global market. From staying connected to friends and family, checking in our your social networking sites, or purchasing products online, our cell phones have become our connection to the world around us! A sleek ear bud or Bluetooth headset will certainly make your customers happy. Not only will they use them, your logo can be prominently displayed dangling off the ear of your customer every single day!
Fun in the Sun
The sun isn’t going away, neither are the people who flock to the various sun-soaked locations. It’s true we need our daily dose of vitamin D, but don’t overdo it! Help your customers protect themselves from too much sun exposure by handing out SPF sunscreen and lip balm! Strategically place your logo on one of our many sunscreen and lip balm options, and your customers are sure to use this product over and over again. These items are great with a carabineer, making them easy to clip-on and tote around from place to place. You will be helping to protect them from the sun but they will be helping you promote your product or company!

These are only a few items and trends that will stay hot in 2013. Of course, we can’t predict the future, but we can’t imagine these trends will disappear soon. Not sure what’s the best product for your particular business or customer-base? Give us a call and we can help you with your next event or marketing plan!

Can Screen Printed T-shirts Help Build Your Brand?



Your Logo on a Screen Printed T-shirt or your Name in Bright Lights? I gather many adventurous small business owners, entrepreneurs or even those in their corporate office cubicles have envisioned the world knowing their name or singing along to a hit song they made up in a random daydream.

We all know the most practical way to tell the world who you are and what you do is by advertising. This can be scary given budget constraints. Advertising is not limited to investing in a multi-million dollar commercial, it could simply be a walking billboard.

How about a nice screen printed t-shirt that displays your company’s logo and contact information with vibrant colors that POP out to the Average Joe on the street and screams: “HEY, BUY MY PRODUCT!” or “USE MY SERVICES!” Maybe a subtle black and white t-shirt with a fancy font imprint reading: “Elegant wedding supplies” or “Concierge” is a reminder to a target audience, if the occasion occurs, to “Call Me.” No matter what the message may be, you want it to be seen. Screen printed t-shirts or wearables are a great way to secure this objective as a mission accomplished. Ranking high along with other top promotional products like drinkware or writing utensils, most companies choose promotional products or ad specialty items that give the most bang for their buck. A screen printed t-shirt could easily fit into your marketing budget as a promotional giveaway since it is both affordable and can speak volumes as a marketing tool.

When choosing a screen printed t-shirt it is wise to look at the quality of the t-shirt first. Why? It doesn’t matter if the shirt you purchased cost you $5.00 or $ 15.00 or it takes 1 day or 10 to produce and deliver if the quality of the product doesn’t represent you and your business in a favorable manner.

Choosing the right fabric to Screen Print a t-shirt takes a little understanding of why the quality of the fabric is one of the most important factors.

When shopping for a t-shirt, consumers turn to fabrics that feel good or look great and make the assumption that this beautiful shirt will stand the test of time, let alone make it through the screen printing process.

This is where they are wrong! Selecting the right fabric for your screen printing project is a must.

Screen printers can print on a variety of t-shirt fabrics. Let’s look at the top four t-shirt fabrics and their differences to aid you in selecting the best option for your business’s image.

Screen Printing on a 30 single T- shirt

Screen Printing on a 30 single T- shirt

30 singles:

The 30 singles fabric is named after the count of thread and its weight. With a high thread count like 30, the fabric is finer and a tighter weave can be achieved. This gives the shirt a softer, finer feel. The finer the shirt, the more lumps and bumps the shirt shows off in its drape. Depending on the type of business you have, screen printing on this shirt may appeal more to women consumers


Ringspun means that the fiber that makes up the fabric is sent through a process where it is spun before it is knitted into the final product. Fiber (usually cotton) spun prior to knitting is finer, softer and more durable than ordinary cotton. Although the cotton that is ring spun is described as durable like 30 singles this fabric gives a more feminine look and may limit your target audience.


Pima Cotton Tee, screen printed

Pima Cotton Tee, screen printed

Also referred to as extra-long staple (ELS), Pima cotton is most often used in shirts for both men and women. They are light to wear yet provide superior warmth. The thickness is one of its advantages; besides being a very durable fabric. Manufacturers of this cotton capitalize on its longevity saying it can last as much as 50  longer than other fabrics made from other forms of cotton. But a downfall to Pima is that; it is very absorbent cotton, so unless the T-shirt made from Pima is coated with a stain guard, spills will stay with the same longevity of the cotton.


Standard or 100 cotton: the original t-shirt fabric is a fully breathable fabric; this means that it can be cooler to wear in warmer conditions. 100cotton is known to be soft as well as durable. Cotton fabric is easy to care for and holds color very well. One apparel vendor notes it as “A year-round essential, our best-selling t-shirt has been voted “most popular” by groups, teams, clubs and schools across America.”

Finding the perfect T-Shirt to screen print is simple. Avoid going through the trial and error process that is NOT usually factored into one’s budget. Do this by knowing what fabric to choose. When price is a major concern, you may choose a basic heavyweight 100cotton t-shirt with a one-color design in one location.

Gorilla Marketing can help by providing the best t-shirts selection and screen printing service. We strive to offer the most affordable advertising to help build your brand by gaining exposure!

Screen Printed T-Shirt
Screen Printed T Shirt

Screen Printed T-Shirt



Are You Promoting Safe Drinkware?

When you think drinkware many things may come to mind such as the type of drinkware.You would shop for glassware for an event or holiday, barware like shot glasses or beer mugs to celebrate a birthday or even a gathering to watch a sporting event.

You may want an Eco-Friendly drinkware option for a camping trip or a company picnic. If your business is looking for something eye catching to personalize and leave a lasting impression, you may think of acrylic, aluminum or stainless steel drinkware.
Whether you think about it or not, choosing Drink ware is critical! Why? Decisions on any purchase, even drinkware, requires smart shopping and a target budget.

Tritan copolyester BPA Free

Tritan copolyester

One of the most commonly purchased types of drinkware besides glassware are water bottles. Since water bottles are so cost effective, research shows they are one of the most preferred promotional products. Water bottles are chosen because they can be personalized, re-used and are often ordered at higher quantities as promotion products, than some other top sellers like ceramic mugs or wine glasses.
No matter the appearance or its capabilities, knowing what your drinkware is made of, is wise for any consumer.Water Bottles are primarily made from some form of plastic. Depending on the bottle you choose, it could easily be made from a plastic that may cause health issues.

Aluminum Bottle 28oz BPA Free

 Aluminum Bottle W/ Twist Off

Finger Loop Cap & Carabiner

(28oz) BPA Free

Health issues can make all the difference in a bottle purchased by a company, given to employees or even distributed as giveaways at a company event. Knowing this shows how important choosing something as simple as a water bottle can be. You can easily make a wrong turn by searching for the most inexpensive or most fashionable bottle; however this could lead to possibly placing supporters in direct contact with a hazardous chemical like BPA.


16 Oz. Spirit Tumbler Cup Acrylic

double wall construction

with threaded lid & straw

This is where Gorilla Marketing puts minds at ease! Our promotional product company remains diligent in our efforts to provide safe drinkware options at affordable prices.

We start by offering a straight path to worry free purchasing by helping consumers choose a healthier plastic and promoting the use of Tritan; a light weight, durable plastic that doesn’t transfer taste from one beverage to another and it’s also BPA Free.

If plastic is not your first choice we also offer a variety of drinkware options to fit your promotional or beverage hosting needs.

Choose from an assortment of styles, colors and sizes, all affordable and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Quality will never be Questionable!

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