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Earth Day is April 22nd

Worrisome evidence continues to roll in pointing toward escalating global temperatures. And as the Earth heats up so does the discussion regarding a potential solution. There may not be a consensus yet on how to undo what we have wrought, but this growing attention to environmental concerns has produced an exponentially growing need for eco-friendly and sustainable products. The promotional product industry has had their respective green thumbs on the pulse of these environmental demands for years and continues to roll out innovative, ecologically-sound means of advertising brands and companies.

April 22nd is Earth Day, as has every April 22nd been for over 40 years when a Wisconsin senator, after witnessing the devastation and destruction of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, set in motion a series of public and political events culminating in the official adoption of the holiday. Within a matter of years the spirit of the event spread out from the US borders and today Earth Day is observed by over 500 million people and officially by a number of national governments in over 175 countries worldwide.



Having a specific event on which to focus is a great opportunity for businesses and groups to promote themselves while showing their dedication to conservancy and protection of our rapidly dwindling resources. Reusable tote bags have long been a staple of the promotional industry and are touted as being a responsible alternative to disposable plastic bags. And since more and more places worldwide are finding that plastic bags are being heavily penalized if not outlawed entirely (plastic bags have been banned in Bangladesh since 2002!), reusable bags have become not only popular but necessary. However, saying you carry tote bags is like saying CostCo carries… stuff. The versatility of these bags in both material and style is remarkably vast. All of these bags are reusable, made with non-woven Polypropylene derivatives, which reduces waste and landfill real estate immensely, but many are made partially if not completely out of post-consumer recycled content.



The call for promotional products made from recycled materials has skyrocketed (presumably fueled by a corn-based combustible elixir) well past tote bags and into diversified categories: pens, drinkware, journals, cutlery, backpacks, and even USB flash drives! Take advantage of this upcoming Earth Day by exhibiting a presence for your brand that is not only creative and intriguing but also demonstrates your dedication to conservancy and ecological preservation.

Would you like help putting together an eco-friendly promotional campaign? Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help suggest a number of items that will present your event/brand in the slimmest of carbon footprints

Promotional Calendars Ensure Exposure All Year Round

With the rise of the smart phone, nearly everyone has a built-in calendar shoved in their pocket or buried in their purse. That said, I type this within mere inches of a hanging wall calendar, replete with hand-written appointments scratched out and penned over with alterations. And I know I’m not alone. The wall calendar remains ubiquitous and with it the opportunity to hang your logo and brand in plain sight for 365 days (sometimes even 366!).

We’re not just talking wall calendars either. The versatility of this particular promotional product lends itself to many forms, which means there’s a way to take advantage of an established promotional space on nearly any budget. Whether your customer is sliding a card-size calendar out of their wallet from behind a Subway Sandwich frequent customer punch card, taking note of an upcoming dental appointment on a magnet while closing the refrigerator door, or jotting down the time of a lunch appointment in their weekly planner, your company logo is in immediate view. (Note to self: I really shouldn’t be allowed to blog just before a meal)

Calendar Magnet

The base form of the calendar is only the very beginning of the customization available. An embossed foil logo on the cover of a burgundy date book communicates an air of austere professionalism. Take the same datebook with a block font combined with a mascot logo and you have a perfect place for students to jot down assignments, stare ruefully at upcoming due dates, or scribble poorly-crafted poetry in the margins.

Wall calendars are great for showing off graphic customization. Submit your own artwork or photography to have displayed all year long, or choose from a seemingly endless source of stock artwork on file- if we’ve learned nothing from the Internet, it’s that you can’t go wrong with cats in compromising situations.

Sticky Pad Calendar

By varying the type of calendar you distribute to your customers you increase the potential usefulness of the item and the likelihood they will hold on to your logo all year round. The convenient immediacy of glancing up at a date or the incredibly satisfying tactile experience of tearing off an entire month at a time guarantees the calendar will never go the way of the Mayans (see what I did there?).

Wrap Up The Year With The Perfect Corporate Gift

As the holiday season approaches, many employers are starting to ponder corporate gift ideas for their employees. For many employers, showing appreciation for hard work and achievement is not only expected but essential to ensure good faith and improve company moral. A corporate gift

should always match the company culture and of course the company budget, yet keep in mind feedback from employees. We are highlighting only a few corporate gift ideas to help get those creative juices flowing in time for the holiday season and the proverbial ‘job-well-done’ holiday party.

It’s one thing to buy your employees a standard pad folio; however, personalizing the pad folio will be the difference between a bland ‘Thank you’ and a smile with genuine appreciation. Employees can easily pick up a pad of paper from the company office supply room or from a local store, but a stylish leather bound pad folio with their name etched on the front shows much more appreciation for a job well-done. Select the size and features that best match your budget, but factor in the cost of personalization. A pad folio is a timeless gift and will be useful in the workplace for years to come.

With the amount of stuff we drag to and from work, rewarding your employees newport-tote

with a gift they can utilize is  always a winner. The beauty of a bag or carrier is that you have a vast amount of choices. Bags and carriers come in several styles. Messenger bags, backpacks, grocery bags, cinch bags, satchels, the list goes on. Bags and carriers don’t need to be just an end-of-year gift and often are appropriate for any type of event.



If done right, a company shirt, sweatshirt or hat will be valued by your employee’s and worn with pride. It’s easy to find a garment that is very light on the wallet, but if your purpose is to reward employees, cheap gifts will not be very successful. Poor quality or a dull style will not only go unappreciated, but also appear a bit insulting. To demonstrate your appreciation for the quality of work done, be sure to give your employees a clothing item of value, made with high quality fabric and take into consideration styles that are popular.

Not every employee is ‘tech-savvy’, so high tech gifts are not always going to be hit. If you don’t know how to use the gift, then it’s really not very exciting when you get it. A classic, professional desk or wall clock may seem less exciting but it’s simple, and it’s safe to assume every employee will understand its function. Clocks come in a variety of shapes, styles, and price ranges. Choose carefully. Since a clock is a very common item and used by employees daily, you need to make sure your gift can be set apart from one that your employee would just pick up at a store. Adorn the clock with the company name or logo. Consider personalization, by adding each employees name to the clock and a short message. While a clock is certainly one of our top corporate gift ideas, selecting something original and creative can make for more appreciative employees.

Treat each year or employee-appreciation event as an opportunity to ‘wow’ your staff and truly show your admiration for your employees by selecting the perfect corporate gift. The ideas are endless; now is the time to pair up with your sales rep to start the process of finding and creating the ideal gift.

Satisfaction Your Customers Can Taste

Promote your business and eat it too! Edible promotional giveaways are nothing new, but often an overlooked marketing approach. They say the

way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the same can be true for your customers or staff. Give them something good to eat and they will love you forever (or at least for the time being). The key to an edible promotional product is to allow your customers or employees to enjoy some good eats, but not to lose sight of your company name.

Customers and staff will always appreciate a tasty snack that creatively represents the company. If your staff just accomplished something great, but your budget doesn’t allow you to buy them the expensively, massive trophy you feel they deserve…add a little humor to the situation and get them a chocolate trophy or medal! Even the dieters or ‘healthy’ eaters will appreciate the gesture and your department budget will not suffer. If you want to thank your customers for their support and don’t want to simply treat them to another company lunch, try some personalized cookies with your logo pressed into each of the cookie’s soft topsides. Cookies are great, but personalized cookies are even more exciting to receive.

An edible promotional product doesn’t need to be fully edible. What does this mean? It means, you can put edibles inside of a container or receptacle adorned with your logo or company name and the customers still get to enjoy something good to snack on. Delivering a jar full of candies to your customer’s office certainly goes a long way. Making sure the jar is reusable and colorfully displays your company name ensures customers will remember the gift-giver and keep your company in mind for future services. Recent trends show that more companies are providing large ‘group’ gifts like a basket of edible goods instead of individual gifts, as they tend to stir up more excitement in the office.

While chocolate, candy or cookies would definitely not disappoint…ready-to-eat items aren’t a necessity for successful promotional products. A customized tin of hot chocolate mix or coffee grounds may not allow your customers or staff to eat them right away, but that doesn’t mean that wont enjoy the friendly gift in the near future with excitement. Don’t overlook the simplicity of an edible gift, timing is certainly important…but we can safely say, the majority of the group will take pleasure from a tasty reward!

Gift baskets are certainly a standard present during the


holidays; and we know your customers appreciate them. Instead of giving them the typical basket, try something creative. If your company is in the automotive industry, make the candy holder a large toy pick-up truck with the sweets hitching a ride in the trunk! Gift baskets are certainly easy to find but searching for something unique can take time and energy, leave it to the experts. Believe it or not a promotional marketing company, like us, can certainly help you find the perfect edible gift; whether a gift basket, tin, jar or other fun container for delicious fun, we can find what you need

An edible giveaway or gift is surely an item good for any occasion. Picking the right moment and the right edible product is important. Stay creative with your gift, and just remember a delicious chocolate chip cookie or candy simply can’t be ignored.

The Grind on Coffee Promotional Items

Promotional products work best when you pair them with something your customers love. Maybe you’re not a coffee conglomerate like Starbucks but you can certainly bet that if your marketing campaign promotes or enhances the drinking of coffee, you will certainly win fans. There’s no denying it, we love our coffee! Statistics show that about 50{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} of all Americans drink coffee, so we can easily say it’s not a fluke and instead a habit that isn’t going away any time soon.

But why do we love coffee so much?

There are some easy answers to this question. There is a physiological effect on people that causes them to drink coffee. The craving for caffeine is strong in many people, and overwhelmingly powerful in others. Another reason for our love of coffee; personalization! Just as we can personalize a soccer ball or USB drive, we can order coffee to our liking: extra hot, low fat milk, whip cream, espresso shot, caramel swirls, soy milk…you get the point.  Some of us love coffee just because it provides a sense of consistency; we can’t function until we have our cup of coffee for the day. For others, a cup of Joe just makes us happy, a small escape from the daily grind.
How does the love of coffee play into your marketing approach?

Consider a promotional product that is all about coffee. First item that comes to mind? A coffee cup or coffee mug! A coffee cup or mug is a fairly popular item, commonly used as giveaways. Coffee cups come in a variety of styles, some with built-in spoons; others called “Bistro” cups are taller to accommodate the foam of a delicious latte. Coffee travel mugs are an invention which made a huge impact on avid coffee drinkers. Now you can keep your coffee hot and travel with it! Never underestimate the power of a good coffee cup or travel mug; it’s a gift that will sure to be utilized and appreciated by your customers or staff.
You can take your coffee-focused marketing campaign a step further. Consider a unique coffee stirrer, with your logo or company name. A coffee-cup-sleeve is also a good idea and they are not very expensive. However, it may not be a very effective giveaway unless you are actually serving cups of coffee. Additionally, most sleeves are disposable, not meant to be used after the cup of coffee is empty…hence, not always the most ideal promotional product. The ultimate coffee-centric giveaway? Coffee! A bag of coffee beans with your personalized label would certainly be impressive.
Promoting your company or brand is certainly the main focus of any marketing campaign or promotional giveaway, but consider tailoring your giveaway items to match what your customers (or society in general) enjoy most.