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Marketing for a Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, people from all over the world stand together in the fight against breast cancer, spreading awareness through events, social media, and in everyday life. Between the planning and the setups, we know finding the right promotional products can be hard. Whether you are using promotional products to raise money for research, spread awareness or support the cause, we have a list of cost-effective best sellers for this October. 

Pink Ribbon Tote Pink Ribbon

Totes are great all-purpose giveaways that provide a ton of visibilityThe pink ribbon handles and unique shape make it great for promoting your brand and supporting a cause. These pink ribbon totes are available for as low as $1.85 a unit. 

Stress BallStress Ball

Pair your logo with this pink ribbon with these stress balls. From office giveaways to events, stress balls are great for squeezing away the stress of everyday life. These stress balls are available for as low as $1.29 a unit.  

Awareness PenAwareness Pen 

These pens have awareness written all over them! The pink ribbon grip is a unique addition to a pen that will catch the attention of others and make an impression. These make for great giveaways in the office during the month of October. These pens are available for as low as $0.89 a unit.  

Pink RibbonRibbon Badge Holder 

Get the whole office in the spirit of spreading awareness and supporting the fight against breast cancer with these pink ribbon badge holders! These extend up to 30′ for quick and easy badge swiping. The ribbon badge holders come in two different colors and are available for as low as $0.65 a unit.  

Pink Apparel 

From pink tie-dye to polo shirts, we have a variety of apparel options that are great for the office or events. Shirts stay with people for years to come and are great for gaining visibility that is long lasting. Contact your Account Executive to discuss different options you have for all your pink apparel needs. 

Pink RibbonRibbon Carabiner

A unique and fun reminder to ‘think pink’ that is a great hand out at non-profit walks, events or fundraisers. Participants will hang this on their keys for months to come, spreading awareness throughout the year. These pink ribbon carabiners are available for as low as $1.89 a unit. 

Silicone BraceletsPink

Silicone bracelets are a staple for spreading awareness to a large audience. A small giveaway like this offers subtle branding that is noticeable and simple. Hand these out throughout the month of October or at an event to participants of all ages! Silicone bracelets are available in a variety of different colors for as low as $0.51 a unit. 

Acrylic Sports Bottle

These fun and vibrant colored bottles will make a lasting impression on your cause for times to come. These sports bottles are available as low as $6.38 a unit! 



 Like any of these ideas or have ideas of your own? Contact your Account Executive today! 

Favorite Saint Patrick’s Day Promotional Products

Looking for St. Patrick’s Day Promotional items that will add a little green to your St. Patrick’s Day event? Well, you’re in luck! Saint Patrick’s Day comes every year on March 17. Whether you’re planning a run, golf tournament, fundraiser, or other events, we’ve got St. Patrick’s Day Promotional items that will make others green with envy! 

Saint Patricks DayMini Pint Glass on Shamrock Beads 

Everyone needs to wear a bit of green on St. Patrick’s Day, which is why these necklaces are a crowd pleaser. They can be decorated with your logo or favorite saying and are available for as low as $1.65 a unit! 

Four Leaf Clover Pins 

A simple yet effective way to get pfour leaf clovereople in the holiday spirit are these light-up pins! They make great party favors and can even be attached to a name tag to help guests mingle. Add your logo and enjoy the brand lift as your guests light up the night. These are available for as low as $1.82 a unit! 

Light up Necklace 

These shamrock light up necklaces are everything that you’d expect from a lucky charm. Customize them with your logo or a favorite Irish saying and use them during your parade or other celebration. These light up logo’d necklaces are available for as low as $4.90 a unit! 

Temporary Shamrock Tattoo 

Need to add a little more green to your giveaway selection? These awesome temporary tattoos make it easy for everyone to show their Irish pride and avoid being pinched while they enjoy the festivities. These lucky charms are available for as low as $0.23 a unit! 

Shamrock Sunglasses Sunglasses

Your guests can see the world through shamrock-colored glasses with these fun giveaways. They’re sure to get high visibility and let your guests enjoy the event in style. Shamrock Sunglasses can be customized with your logo or event theme and are great as giveaways or for use with photo booths!  These are available for as low as $2.50! 

Custom Pint GlassesLogo’d Pint Glasses or Growlers 

Create the perfect party favor and giveaways with custom logo’d Beer Glasses or Growlers. Guests can enjoy their drinks in a custom glass and take home a memento of a great event! Prices will vary depending on glass or growler style so contact your rep for more details. 



Want to bring the luck o’ the Irish to your next event with St. Patrick’s Day Promotional Products? 

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Talks on Trends: QI Charging

By: Kyle Mendoza

According to Forbes, Apple had sold a combined one million units of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X per day through December. On a similar note, Samsung’s sales of the Galaxy S8 have remained strong since its April 2017 release. So what exactly is Qi Charging and what do thomg (8)ese numbers mean for your organization?

Qi, which in Chinese means “energy flow”, is the standard for wireless charging for devices like smart phones and cameras. Aside from decluttering our desks by eliminating at least one cable from our arsenal, the real advantage of QI charging is that the QI pads are not brand specific– which means that an iPhone X can charge on the same pad as a Galaxy S8.

Going wireless prevents corrosion and eliminates debris that is caused by wires. As well as reduced cost and maintenance that electrical connectors need over time. When buying promotional products that the most people would find use for, wireless charging is the way to go because it will work with any device.

I predict that 201be the year wheomg (9)8 will re Qi Charging truly takes its place in the market, and as the number of Qi enabled devices grows, so too will the demand for related promotional products. The Qi wireless charging pad comes with a full color imprint, neatly packaged in a retail inspired gift box–a great way to recharge your Employee Appreciating Week efforts, or to add as a premium raffle item for your next student involvement fair. Worried about those who haven’t made the switch? Don’t sweat it, each Qi pad comes with an adapter for older smartphone models, ensuring that every device gets the juice it deserves.


6000 mAh Brushed Metal Power Bank is a Stylish Branding Option

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with power-draining apps like Instagram and Snapchat. We love to stay connected to of our friends, family, and a few well-loved celebrities but hate that these apps literally suck the life out of our devices. Enter the power bank.

6000 mAh Power Bank Disk in Brushed Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold

Brand your world with this beautifully functional 6000 mAh power bank.

These devices have quickly become a necessity in today’s fast-paced connected world. Carrying a portable battery pack (or two) can save you from FOMO (fear of missing out) and ensure you don’t end up lost without a map to guide you where you need to go.

In the promotional world, these are an excellent choice for branding. And while functionality reigns supreme, we’re excited about this stylish, brushed metal version because it is truly the best of both worlds.

It packs a ton of power into a small space (6000 mAh to be exact), has a unique design, and comes in a tech-friendly color palette, making it a great choice for powering up any device. When something looks this good and works this well, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on the recipient and anyone with whom they choose to share their power.

Available in a brushed silver, rose gold, and gold finish, with full, four-color process imprint offered, this complies with CE, FCC, and ISO 9001 and has Micro USB DC 5V/ 2A input and 5V/2.4A output.

Perfectly sized with a 6000 mAh capacity, this is one of our favorite power banks yet.

Tech Related Items Are Top Of Mind

Right now technology realted items are always top of mind and wearable technology is taking over. This is going to be the year of breakthrough wearable technology. We have already seen the beginning of smartwatches, fitness bands, and smart glasses and with Apple launching new tech products it brings a new variety to the market place. Products will become more accessible and affordable to the general market. Some estimate that wearable technology market will reach over $5 billion by 2018!

With a large focus on fitness, the fitness bands and smartwatches have changed the way we exercise, communicate and even how we eat and sleep. These little expensive pieces of technology are designed to get people more active. Many gyms and personal trainers have adopted these devices and have integrated them into their programs. Some companies are also incorporating fitness devices into their employee health benefit packages by providing wearable tech items which may directly affect you. Are you keeping up with wearable technology?

Fitness bands and smartwatches aren’t the only wearable’s going tech these days. Major fitness companies are developing wearable fiber-optic clothing and smart jewelry for the connected fashionistas. Wearable tech has the potential to become the smartphone of the next decade and it will be exciting to see how the promotional products industry responds to all advances.

We expect technology related items to really take off in the second half of 2015 and soar in 2016. With everything you are able to do with these wearable devices anything that is tech related or for use with tech items is going to be a perfect pick for a promotional product.

<Microfibercloth My personal favorite tech related item would have to be the soft microfiber cloths. With the amount of money you drop on wearable technology you don’t want to use a standard cloth or rough t-shirt to clean your device and risk scratching it. Microfiber cleaning cloths are made with high-density microfiber materials designed to remove dirt, dust, and oil smudges from sensitive surfaces like cell phones, smart watches, and fitness band screens. They are available with smooth or serrated (jagged) edges. They come in a variety of colors with spot color print or full color imprint making the possibilities endless.

My favorite size of the microfiber cloth is the 5”x 5” cloth because it fits anywhere and is perfect for any tech item in your life. The best thing about this size microfiber cloth is that it starts at under a buck making it a budget friendly promotional product.


I just so happen to have three, yes three! One in my purse, one in my car, and one at my desk so I always have one on hand. The one in my car has been around almost as long as my 98′ accord, which goes to show they last. It happens to have my insurance company’s phone number on it just in case I get in a fender bender or my little car doesn’t make it I have all I need to call for my roadside service. It is no coincidence I have kept it and used it in my car so long; practical product with important information.

Microfiber clothes are a versatile and economical option to keep you current with wearable technology trends without having to compete with the high priced technology items. Instead it enhances the use of them and makes them long lasting promotional items.