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Back to School Favorites for University Giveaways

Students cite university giveaways as one of their favorite parts of back to school. With the Class of 2019, 2020, 2021, and (gulp) 2022 ready to hit the books it’s time for universities everywhere to gear up with promotional products for the school year. According to Sage, 77% of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the #1 reason to keep it. That means giveaways that are useful for students and promote school pride are sure to be a winner. Whether its first-day tabling or freshman social events, you can freshen up your giveaway selection with creative solutions from Gorilla Marketing. 


Check out these back to school favorites that are useful and essential to promote your university department or organization.  

Pen/HighlighterPen Highlighter Combo

Add a twist to the giveaway pen with this pen highlighter combo. This is a great way to get students back into the routine of the school day and adds another useful feature to the everyday pen. It comes in four different colors that are sure to pair well with any logo. This Water Bottlepen and highlighter combo are available for as low as $0.89 a unit.  

FullColor Water Bottle with Spout WB8101 

Bottles like these have a ton of real estate for branding that can be utilized with a full-color logo or design. With branding like this, you have the power to create an aesthetically appealing bottle that will be seen all over campus with students. Take advantage of the imprint area by using a full-color photo or school spirit design! These bottles are available for as low as $4.39 a unit.  

The Classic Reusable Coffee Cup 

Staying up and cramming for papers can be tiring, that’s why reusable coffee cups will be the students’ new best friend. They are practical, eco-friendly, useful and are sure to be seen at all the late-night study sessions in the library or around campus. These coffee cups can have a full-color logo and are available in 10 different colors for as low as $3.49 a unit.  

4 Port USBPort USB  

Give students the giveaway they didn’t know they need with this 4 port USB hub. It can be frustrating to be working on a laptop and you’re in need of more than one port. These roll up neatly for easy to take around campus. The 4 port USB comes in four different colors and is available as low as $3.59 a unit.  

Multi-Function Document Holder Multi-function Folder

Trade in those everyday folders for this multifunction one that is great for organizing all things school. These are durable enough to last throughout the school year and are perfect for school projects and papers. These come in 5 different colors and are available for as low as $1.99 a unit.  

PlannerCustom Cover Planner 2019 820 

Start the year off on track with 2018-2019 school year planners that are essential for keeping students organized and on time with assignments. Brand the planners with custom covers to heighten the value and create year-round exposure. These 2019 planners are available for as low as $1.58 a unit.  




If you are interested in any of these ideas or have some of your own, contact your Account Executive today.  

Why Your Company Needs a New Hire Welcome Kit 

What’s the purpose of a New Hire Welcome Kit? To make your new hire feel welcome, of course. Why is this important? According to SHRM, new employees who attended a well-structured onboarding orientation program were 69 percent more likely to remain at a company up to three years. New Hire Welcome Kits play a big role in this. 

Consider the new employee’s perspective. Starting a new job can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. Between HR paperwork and remembering new coworker’s names, they really don’t get a chance to enjoy the start of something new. A gift that includes a branded t-shirt or coffee mug can transform the new hire’s day. Free branded swag helps them to maintain a positive outlook and improves the experience for new hires while giving them a taste of your company culture. When building a welcome kit, it’s important to understand your audience, branding needs, and overall goal. 

Read on for three of the top reasons to have a new hire welcome kit. 

Make a Great First Impression 

welcome-kitImagine walking in on your first day at a new job and being welcomed by a branded box of merchandise just for you. The products you choose should inspire loyalty and build on a positive relationship. A new hire welcome kit like this makes employees feel wanted and needed in a new workplace, which is a great first impression to make.  A company called Pindrop has a welcome kit with noteworthy products that would excite any new hire. Not only is all the branded merchandise on point, they include a book that speaks for their values and culture as a company.                                              


Express Your Company Culture 

salesforce-ux-welcome-kit-1Every company’s beliefs, values, and practices are important aspects of their company culture. The best way to maintain new hires and make them feel part of something is using your company culture to create the perfect welcome kit. Salesforce adds some awesome products to their welcome kits that compliment their company culture and adds to the excitement of starting a new job. Not only do they provide books that promote a productive workday, they gift a mini nerf gun that speaks for their company culture and who they are as a brand.  



Inspire Creativity and Productivity 

Take a welcome kit as an opportunity to inspire your new hires in a creative or productive way. You can be as creative as you want with the products or add materials that speak for your company’s work ethic. Whatever route you choose to take, it should speak for your company. This is a welcome kit that doubles as a survival kit for an agency called Studio Phoenix Creatif. This has creativity written all over it! Not only does it have some fun items like a stress ball and flask, it also includes a book with tricks to keep you calm during stressful situations.                                               




A branded welcome kit can speak for your brand in many ways. Your new hire welcome kit should be unique to your company and speak for the parts you want to highlight. Not only will you provide a new employee with the materials needed to be successful at your company, you will also show them how important they are to you.

Tips to Beat the Heat for Your Summer Event

Why should you consider techniques to beat the heat at summer events? Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for outdoor events but when the temperatures start to soar into the 90s and above, it can also be dangerous. Unbearable heat and scorching sunlight can dehydrate your body and become a concern for your guest’s health and safety. Don’t let the heat ruin the highlight of the summer, there are many preventive ways to avoid serious consequences and keep guests safe during hot weather conditions.  

With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your guests, and yourself, safe during your next summer event. 


  1. Prior to the event, check the weather reports and heat advisories for your area. The earlier you know about the weather, the sooner you can start taking extra precautions towards making sure your guests are comfortable. Advising attendees to bring umbrellas, apply sunscreen or wear breathable clothes might seem silly but will help them in the long run! 
  2. Back up plans are never fun but are crucial when it comes to unpredictable circumstances. If possible, discuss these options with the venue before your event. Ask about the possibility of adding more shade, changing the event to a later time in the day or about other alternative solutions they might have to offer. 
  3.  Staying hydrated on a hot summer day can be a challenge. Using social media as an outlet to encourage everyone to drink enough water before and during the event is a smart way to let guests know it’s going to be a hot one. Encourage guests to bring reusable water bottles they can refill at hydration stations. Strategically place hydration stations throughout the event so that water is always accessible.  
  4. Make sure your team can recognize the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Educating employees on the signs and symptoms will reduce the risk of serious illness. Promote the signs, symptoms, and treatment through your social media outlets or inside event handouts so guests are more aware as well. Remember: heat exhaustion can be cured by staying hydrated and finding a cool place to cool down, but heat stroke is a serious life threating condition that needs to be treated right away.  
  5.  Make sure you have enough shade with provided seating throughout the event venue, so people can take a break from walking in the heat. Guests that are older in age or have health conditions should be provided with alternatives to physical efforts in hot weather. Golf carts or shuttles can be great for helping people get from point A to point B without overheating.  
  6. Keep guests cool and promote your brand by considering promotional products! There is a large selection of promotional giveaways that can aide in your preventative efforts. Products such as logo’d water bottles, cooling towels, and packets of sunscreens are great options to consider when planning for your event.  


Remember, a safe event is a fun event! Keep your guests hydrated, healthy, and happy by taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.  

Promo Picks from Chris

Gorilla Marketing is excited to announce Promo Picks from Chris, our new quarterly offering that features items handpicked by our founder and CEO, Chris Arranaga. In addition to sharing his insights about the products and their use, he’ll offer a special low price, free shipping, and no setup costs for any of the promotional products featured. The best part is that if you purchase the minimum of any of the products shared, you’ll get a free branded zip up.  

Special pricing on items below is valid until September 30, 2018. 


32oz Double Wall Vacuum Stainless Steel Bottle 

Vacuum InsinuatedDesigned to withstand the harshest environments and toughest adventures, they are durable, stylish, and reusable. The 32 oz. size makes them ideal for all-day hydration. These stylish sports bottles are engineered with 18/8 pro grade stainless steel and finished with a sweat-proof, powder-coated exterior that ensures greater durability. The double wall vacuum insulated construction keeps your beverage icy cold or piping hot from the first sip ’til the last. Drinks stay hot for up to 10 hours and cold for up to 20. In addition, the professional grade stainless steel won’t retain or transfer flavors and the removable lid makes it easy to clean, fill, and serve.  


Circle of Sound BT Speaker  Bluetooth Speaker

Perhaps the best part of this is that the minimum order is only 1 piece and includes full-color decoration. I recommend you consider it as a one-off award or recognition piece. Ideas include thanking a guest speaker with a photo from the day or a valued employee with an imprint highlighting a character trait that you value in them. Regardless of how you use it, it is a truly unique branded memento. Because there is no setup fee and the minimum is 1 piece, you can personalize each piece with a name and customize the art for each and every recipient. 


Re-Adhering Cell-mate CleanerRe-Adhering Cell-Mate Cleaner 

This Cell-Mate Sticky Microfiber Cleaner adheres to the back of your cell phone and peels off for quick screen cleaning. Re-attach it after use for easy storage. The silicone adhesive backing is reusable and washable for long-term use. The price includes a full color, full bleed, and the sticky Microfiber Cleaner includes a full-color, 2-sided, 2.25” x 3.5” printed insert card in a sealed polybag. This piece is a cost-effective/low price show handout and perfect for traditional mail campaigns.  


Free Branded Gear 

Place the minimum order of any of these picks and receive this beautiful full zip performance fabric from North End with your company branding embroidered on the left chest. 

*No cost, one piece per order, per customer. 


Interested in any of these products?  

Contact your Account Executive and mention Promo Picks from Chris!  

Custom N’ape Travel Neck Pillow

Your clients will go bananas for the N’ape Travel Neck Pillows. Available in a variety of designs, including apes, bears, and more, these cuddly micro-bead pillows make travel more comfortable and enjoyable. These functional, adorable branded travel companions readily transform from a cuddly friend into a neck pillow in just seconds. Simply unzip and flip the animal to reveal the u-shaped neck pillow and relax. Here are just a few of the reasons folks are using the N’ape Pillow to promote their brand.  

N’Ape Travel Neck Pillows are Great for Kids Transforming Neck Pillow

This cuddly companion is great for kids because of its fun nature and useful features. The perfect item to keep kids entertained and comfortable on long trips, the N’ape travel neck pillow is simple to transform making it easy for kids to go back and forth between the plush toy and neck pillow. This is perfect for hospitals, summer camps, charity functions, school stores, and more.  

N’Ape Travel Neck Pillows are Supportive 

The travel neck pillow is designed to support the neck and improve so folks can rest easy while traveling. The microbeads make it lightweight, portable and, gives it a soft feel. Whether your clients are traveling by car, train, or plane, this neck pillow will give them the comfort they need.  

N’Ape Travel Neck Pillows have Endless Plush Customization Possibilities  

This is a fully customizable item that will highlight your brand’s creativity and let you bring life to your marketing concepts. Think corporate mascots, launch events, product releases, and more … the possibilities are endless. A pre-production prototype can be created so you are sure that the design supports your brand goals.  

N’Ape Travel Neck Pillows Expand Your Brand Exposure Around the Globe 

The N’ape Pillow is a fun way to expand into travel accessories and provide worldwide exposure for your brand. Travel accessories as a category are one of the most highly valued and underutilized. They have high retention and repeated use, which means your brand will become a trusted travel companion and continue to benefit from exposure for years to come.  

The N’ape Pillow is available for as low as $9.95 a unit. If you are interested in this product or learning more information, contact your Account Executive today!