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Our 2020 Vision on Promotional Product Trends

With the year 2020 just around the corner and the chaos of 2019 finally dwindling down, we wanted to share some of our 2020 product predictions. The new year is an exciting time for new marketing plans and promotional products for every brand. Below are just a few of the products we see being a huge hit for the new year. 

Foldable Reusable Straw   

A different take on a 2019 favorite. The foldable straw comes in a convenient case and gives reusable straws a more uniform and retail look. Since reusable straws are made to reduce and reuse, why not brand ones that are made to stay for a longer period of time? We think higher end reusable straws are going to make a lasting impression in the 2020 year.  The foldable straw is based off a retail brand called “Final Straw” these straws are available to brand at a minimum quantity of 12 and pricing as low as $24.50 a unit.  

Custom Wooden Puzzle

Throwback to the 90s at the start of a new decade with fully custom wooden cubes. The branding capabilities on these neat toys make this a product made for creatives and big ideas. It’s a conversational piece that makes as a great client gift or product launch announcement. If you want to add a more modern look to the everyday wooden cube check out these wooden puzzles. These wooden puzzles are available for a minimum quantity of 50 at pricing as low as $4.67 a unit.  

Custom Socks 

Custom Socks are not a thing of the past. They are a cozy reminder of your brand that relates to a large audience and gives you endless full-color, branding capabilities. Custom socks are made to be as fun and unique as you desire. They leave a favorable impression that provides longevity that is sure to stick with clients throughout the 2020 year.  Whether its knit or sublimated, there’s a sock for your brand and a way to brand it. Pro tip: Add custom packaging to your socks for a low price to add a retail look to your branded products. Contact an Account Executive today to discuss pricing and branding possibilities. 

Custom Shape Acrylic Phone Rings       

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Phone accessories continue to take the promotional product industry by storm and brands are always looking for a way to add a different flare to an everyday product. Phone rings are a PopSocket alternative that grew in popularity in 2019 as a low-cost alternative to the retail brand. What makes phone rings a creative way to brand is its fully custom shapes and capabilities that can be molded to fit big ideas. Make your phone rings as unique as you want by turning it into your logo or mascot. These custom phone rings are available at a minimum of 1,000 and as low as $2.92 a unit.  

Foldable Coffee Cups  

Packable coffee cups take bringing coffee on the go to a new level. It makes it an easy way to store your cup in a backpack or purse when you are running late to the office or have a meeting you don’t want to bring your coffee into. Reusable coffee cups like these are collapsible and sustainable while helping in the efforts of eliminating disposable cups. Stojo is a brand with a mission to eliminate waste while working towards a better future for the planet. The brand is a member of 1% for the Planet, committing 1% of annual Stojo revenue to environmentally focused non-profit organizations. These collapsible coffee cups are available for a minimum of 72 and pricing as low as $18.08 a unit.  

Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

These glasses are growing in popularity in the retail industry and are now beginning to pop up in the promotional product industry. They block out blue lights from computer screens, making it easier to look at screens for longer periods of time without straining or causing damage to your eyes. We predict this product will have a huge impact on the promotional product industry and will continue to grow in popularity as the benefit of wearing them is seen as a necessity. These blue light blocking glasses are available for a minimum quantity of 250 and as low as $3.40 a unit.  

Reusable Lunch Boxes  

Going green and moving towards a more sustainable way of life is a trend we see continuing throughout the 2020 year. Not only is this trend good for the environment, it provides your brand with the opportunity to always be in your client’s hands throughout the day. We are seeing more retail looks to the everyday lunch box and see this as an item that will continue to grow in popularity and options. The reusable lunch box option pictured is available for a minimum quantity of 60 and as low as $8.98 a unit.  

Now is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with the trends that will make a huge impact in the promotional product industry in the year 2020. So whether you’re interested in any of these ideas or something else? 

Contact us today and let’s get your 2020 Vision locked in! 

Cozy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Branded blankets? Yes please! Warm and cozy and perfect for fall or holiday gifting, they showcase appreciation in a warm, comfortable way. Blankets pair well with colder weather and hot cocoa and are also a great way to show you care. Finding the perfect blanket for the holiday should be easy, that is why we picked our top four favorites to help make employee or client gifting easy this season.  

Frosted Sherpa Blanket 

This two-tone fleece blanket is comfy, cozy, and perfect for the holidays. Its ultra-plush frosted look can be beautifully branded to fit your brand’s needs. The minimum quantity is 25 and pricing is as low as $25.99 a unit.  

Crochet Knit Blanket 

The perfect addition to cozy nights on the living room couch. The branded leather patch gives it a retail look and feel that makes this blanket a gift, clients can’t refuse. This blanket comes in a light gray and dark navy. The minimum order quantity is 12 and pricing starts at $29.22 a unit.  

Faux Fur Throw  

The soft fur top and sherpa material combination makes this blanket incredibly soft and comfortable. This blanket makes holiday gifting easy and gives your brand the longevity you want from holiday gifts. The minimum quantity is 12 and pricing is as low as $36.99 a unit.  

Plaid Wool Blanket 

The fringe ends and plaid design make this a retail-inspired blanket everyone can appreciate. If you are looking for a gift that will make a lasting impression and make a great addition in a living room or bedroom, this is the blanket for your brand. The plaid is a unique look that is paired with a soft touch. This blanket is a gift that will keep on giving past the holiday season. The minimum quantity 12 pricing as low as $46.22 a unit.  

Like any of these ideas or have some of your own? We are a one stop shop for holiday gifting!  

Contact us today to make your ideas come to life.  

A New Wave of Branding: 3D Holographic Banners

Custom banners are a go-to for any events where you want your brand to stand out from the rest and getting your message across. They are essential for making a lasting impression to a larger audience for in-store setups and tables at tradeshows or events. But what’s next? The way we market and advertise products is constantly evolving to new and better ways of doing it. Custom banners are ideal for nearly all events and brands alike but when looking to stand out from the rest of the competition and catching prospective clients’ eyes from the start, your branding approach needs to get creative. We found a new and innovative way to help clients reach goals and add dimension to their branding.  

3D holographic banners are a fun and new way to catch the eyes of a larger audience even in high traffic and busy situations. This solution gives you the capabilities to decorate with your favorite banner art and add a 3D element of your choice as well. The banner is 26” x 26” x 4” and comes with all of the components to create a show-stopping display. The 3D holographic design is created with a holographic fan that creates an advanced form of high-quality photography. The lasers create sharp, three-dimensional art at the top of your everyday banner that will create a demand for attention. This cutting-edge technology will impress your clients and create a fluid conversation that might not have happened without the help of this innovative marketing experience. Decorate the banner with a full-color design and pair it with a 3D element of your choosing to create a high-quality and unique look to your new everyday item. 

A set up like this is a great opportunity for new product releases, giving in-depth explanations on product technology or just to create an eye-opening experience for your clients. This is a branding opportunity that will boost your brand’s visibility and set you apart from the rest of the competition in a fun and innovation way.  

Interested in learning more?

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Talks on Trends: Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth technology delivers a hassle-free listening experience that has become a popular tech product. The tangle-free enjoyment and design provides a high perceived value for your branding, making this a great promotional product option. Just a few years ago, Bluetooth earbuds were an expensive tech item that only a few had. Recently, they have expanded into the promotional product industry and the different options have increased significantly. We have created a ‘good, better, best’ list of Bluetooth earbuds to help you better understand your Bluetooth options and stay within your budget. 

Good Earbuds

These are the most budget-friendly Bluetooth earbuds on the market. What makes these ‘good’ earbuds is the price point that is great for when your goal is quantity. Although they aren’t fully wireless, they are great quality for a budget earbud.  A carabiner case is included, and they have approximately 2.5 hours of playback time. Choose from five different colors for as low as $9.29 a unit.  

Better Earbuds

The ‘better’ earbuds are truly wireless and come in a clear plastic case that you can be branded with a full-color logo. These are great for a slightly higher budget for client gifts or raffle prizes and is sure to make a lasting impression. Enjoy up to 2 hours of playback time for as low as $24.99 a unit.  

Best Earbuds

These earbuds are the ‘best’ because of the crisp high-quality sound combined with the large imprint area for optimal branding. These earbuds come in a case that is both a power bank and charging station. The high-quality delivers clean sound for phone calls and music and has up to 4 hours of audio playtime. If you are looking for retail-inspired high-quality earbuds these are the ones for you. These are a great investment for your branding that is available in two different colors for as low as $59.99 a unit. 

New Year, New You Ideas

The new year is the perfect time to get a fresh start with better habits and annual goals. Promotional products given away at this time of year should support that focus. New Year’s resolutions only come once a year so help folks start the year out on the right foot with marketing initiatives that fit the new year vibe. This list includes go-tos for goal setters to support changes in the new year.  

Shake It 28 oz. Protein Shaker Cup 

The gym is packed at the beginning of every new year with people that plan to lose weight or exercise more. These protein shaker cups are a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle to a large audience. They come in three different colors and are available for as low as $2.99 a unit. 

Yoga Mat with Case

Yoga mats are a fun new way to add a little Zen to your promotional products! These make for a great giveaway for yoga studios and gyms. The mat is made from high-quality PVC material and adds value to your branding. These yoga mats are available for as low as $14.99 a unit.  

Collapsible Lunch Container

Healthier eating habits are one of the most common new year resolutions that people everywhere have. This reusable lunch container is great for meal prepping lunches for the week and makes bringing lunch to work easy. It comes in four different colors and is collapsible for easy storage. These lunch containers are available for as low as $5.50 a unit.  

Cinch Bag

This is the perfect gym bag with a sporty feel. Gym bags are essential for starting the new year out on the right foot! These bags have two exterior mesh pockets and come in three different colors. The perfect new year giveaway is available for as low as $3.75 a unit.