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Take Home Swag Bags: Simple, Sweet, and SERIOUSLY AWESOME!

Last week, a couple of our “Gorilla Gals” attended the Vistage Ladies Luncheon where Gorilla Marketing proudly sponsored the swag bags. The speaker for the luncheon discussed the book, Fierce Conversations and the event itself provided a venue for female leaders to network and share ideas on this important topic.

Our bags got a lot of attention as they reflected the luncheon theme with branding on the bag and items found inside. The goal was to keep the experience and learning from the event top of mind for attendees and inspire them with our fun, fresh and Fierce promotional products. Check out the goodies and decide for yourself if these goodies inspire you!

Fierce Swag for the Vistage Fierce Conversations Luncheon


1. Tote Bag: The weight of the world feels a lot lighter in tote bag then on some shoulders.

Fierce Bags

2. Rose Gold Holographic & Glitter Notebook Set: Got 99 ideas? Write ’em all down and check them off your list! These notebooks reflect a fierce attitude and are sure to spark conversation about your brand.Fierce Vistage Event Notebooks

3. Marble Mug: As if anyone needed a better reason to drink out of a mug, these marble beauties are great for coffees, lattes, teas, and more.
Fierce Vistage Event Marble Mug

4. Rose Gold Speaker: Posh AND portable, these small speakers put out big sound and are available in fun colors that will showcase your brand.
Fierce Vistage Event Rose Gold Bluetooth Speaker

5. Rose Gold Ball Point Pen: A tasteful upgrade to a traditional favorite promotional product, these pens have a nice hand feel and are sure to inspire thoughtful ideas.Fierce Vistage Event Rose Gold Pens


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5 Promo Items Your Brand Will WANT and NEED This Independence Day!

Fireworks, barbecues and American flags galore… we all know where this is going- yup… Fourth of July is upon us. This American Holiday is a holiday FULL of promotional marketing opportunity. People LOVE free stuff, but more then free stuff they LOVE free essentials. We took it one step further, we’ve rounded up what we believe to be Independence Day essentials that are a MUST HAVE. Your brand can be seen by anyone and everyone with these five products. Added bonus: these products are 100{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} relevant YEAR ROUNDwoah. So, without further a due here is our roundup of “5 Promo Items Your Brand Will WANT and NEED This Independence Day!“.

1. Earplugs are an overlooked ESSENTIAL during the firework shows on the Fourth. What better way to remind people about your brand then with these easy to pocket earplugs.


2. American Flag Towel and Carry Bag make toting your towel fun, fresh and stylish! Easy to carry, easier to showcase your logo.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.32.40 AM

3. Bottle Cooler and Phone Holder, can you think of a better way for someone to keep their phone AND drink in one location? Bystanders will be in awe of this incredible hybrid product and they’ll credit your brand for having it branded.

Coozie and Phone Holder

4. Rolling Cooler, universally known with the ability to hold anything! This compact cooler is slick AND easy to transport because it has WHEELS!

Roller Cooler

5. “License to Grill” Spatula, every BBQ king/queen’s dream spatula! Your brand is now granting permission for any recipient to grill their hearts out this Fourth of July.


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10 Summer Promotional Items Your Brand Needs Now!

With the hundreds of thousands of different promotional products to choose from, we get how overwhelming the selection process can be. Google tends to be the go-to guru when researching “quality” products but Google doesn’t have all the answers *gasp!*. Truly excellent promotional products that will maximize exposure for your brand can and do get lost in the cyber-sea. So in the name of mighty marketing and awesome advertising we would like to present to you our carefully selected listicle of Top 10 Summer Promotional Items Your Brand Needs NOW! And by now we mean before June 21 … aka the official first day of Summer!


1. Round Beach Towels are perfect for a beach day or concert in the park. We all use them and we all NEED them! Round towels are the PERFECT item to pack for any summer activity and really turn heads!

round towel

2. The “bag” of all trades. We’re “bag” into multi-purpose solutions. This burlap tote acts as a grocery sack, tote bag, laundry bag, cooler, and even waste bin … hold the applause. With a special lining inside, this bag can essentially do it ALL. More uses = more logo exposure … talk about a win-win.

burlap bag

3. Forget the Fanny Pack! With summer creeping around the corner, this means one thing, summer vacation! These Waterproof Technology Pouches not only protect precious items (i.e., smartphone, cash and hotel keys) but they also showcase your brand to anyone (and everyone) you see.


4. Bamboo Flight Paddle are the bomb. BBQ’s, Graduation Parties, Company Events, you name it and this branded bamboo flight paddle will be the center of ANY get together’s attention.

bamboo shooters

5. 20 oz. Borosilicate Glass Water BottleA summer essential that proves functional YEAR ROUND. Check out our article on our BLOG to find out why this item is a timeless treasure!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.46.35 PM

6. SPF-30 Sunscreen Packs. Go ahead, soak up the Vitamin D … Just don’t forget your branded sunscreen pocket pack!

sunscreen packets

7. Waterproof  Speaker: FINALLY a brandable, portable, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker designed to make ANY summer day harmonious!

waterproof speaker


8. Get creative with your brand using these imprinted color-changing cups! These durable plastic cups change color when ice cold liquids are poured into them and make a lasting impression of your brand.


9. Set the mood, spark a flame. Shine the light on your logo and set your branding campaign on fire with custom lighters. Promotional lighters make great, useful giveaways and are available in slim, multipurpose, windproof, and more.


10. SPF-15 Lip Balm. Chapped lips and sunburns can put a damper on any summer vacay. With this sleek SPF-15 Lip Balm, consumers will be reminded of your brand every time they pucker up and re-apply their sunscreen chapstick.






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6 Savory Branding Ideas for Your Busy Restaurant

For years, dinner mints have been the bread and butter of promotional marketing for restaurants. After all, people LOVE free snacks and you LOVE getting your brand out there for people to see. The downside is that the dinner mint hype can be short-lived as your awesome dinner mints are enjoyed and your branded wrapper ends up in the trash. The result: Consumer-1 , Your Brand-0.

So what if we were to tell you that there are affordable, ridiculously-clever products that customers won’t want to discard, that you can use to create long-term branding the heck out of your restaurant. Sound crazy? Check out these 6 Savory Branding Ideas for Your Busy Restaurant!

1. Branded Mints AND a reusable tin give traditional winners an UPGRADE! Your customers can still enjoy a tasty post-meal treat but they’ll think of you later, too. And isn’t that the point?

mints12. Eco-Friendly to-go bags that bring home dinner AND groceries. Reusable bags make sense for people AND the environment. And when they’re branded with your logo, they make dollars and cents for your business. (We’re hungry just thinking about that!)

Polytex Grocery Bag3. Coffee lovers espresso-ly love re-usable drinkware. Pardon the pun, but everyone needs a good cup for a good cup of coffee. This re-usable drinkware satisfies everyone’s thirst and helps your customers to think about you while they’re enjoy their morning cup of Joe!

tumblr14. Promotional magnifiers zoom in for a close-up of your brand! Forget the readers … branded magnifying cards will fit inside any wallet and keep your brand top of mind for your customers (even if they occasionally use them to glance at another menu).

menureader15. Set the mood, spark a flame. Shine the light on your logo and set your restaurant branding campaign on fire with custom lighters. Promotional lighters make great, useful giveaways and are available in slim, multipurpose, windproof, and more.

lighter16. Get in the MOOD to promote with imprinted color-changing cups! These durable plastic cups change color when ice cold liquids are poured into them and make a lasting impression of your brand.


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Why You Need Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles, TODAY!

As professionals in the realm of promotional products (aka sweet company swag), we’ve seen it all. From bathrobes and mop toppers to sumo (yes sumo) stress balls. This means we’ve seen the rise and fall of many, many trendy “in the moment” products (*cough* fidget spinners *cough*) and made it our job to note which hot ticket items are truly timeless. Today we’re excited to share one hot ticket item that most DEFINITELY falls into the timeless category. A true winner for brand promoting, an everyday essential, Summer must have:borosilicate glass-all colors the borosilicate glass water bottle!

We aren’t here to bore you with the science of borosilicate (what its made of that makes it so great), rather we want to share why this product will stand out for recipients of your branded bottle.

Borosilicate glass is a thermal shock resistant product, which means it won’t crack sitting through a record-breaking heat wave or icy winter storm. It is used in cookware, lighting, and scientific glassware, and has been proven to be one of the safest, most durable and sustainable forms of glassware (if scientists can safely use it, we can too!). Borosilicate is not as dense as traditional glass so if it gets broken (like chucked at a concrete wall at 80mph), borosilicate glass will NOT shatter because it was designed to crack in chunks, NOT shards.

Want to know more? Need to explain this to your boss or co-worker? Here’s the Cliff Notes version of why you need borosilicate glass water bottles, TODAY!

  1. First impressions are EVERYTHING. And these bottles make a great first impression. The BPA-free silicone sleeves are available in multiple boro1colors, which creates a stylish barrier against the elements and a great backdrop for your logo displayed on the clear glass exposed at the top of the bottle.
  2. Let’s face it, we all need to drink more water. With the green movement promoting re-usable water bottles, people can get their recommended 8 cups per day of H20 while being “eco-trendy” (which is even better than “eco-friendly”).
  3. When people find a great product they use it, again and again, which means more visibility for your brand. These borosilicate glass bottles are easy to clean with screw-on, leak proof lids that are great for our on-the-go lifestyle.


boro4Make a lasting impression with customizable and promotional borosilicate glass water bottles by getting a quote TODAY!

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