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Hand Sanitizers: The Real Rub

The hand sanitizer is not just for hospitals anymore, but a great product for promoting your brand. Businesses from all industries now supply their customers with hand sanitizer as a means to promote safe health. Hand sanitizer was first created in the 1980’s by GoJo USA to help workers remove the graphite, tar and carbon from their hands after working in the rubber factory. Today, we have come to depend on the hand sanitizer in everyday use. Hand sanitizer is commonly used and a well known item; making it an excellent choice as a promotional giveaway.

Are hand sanitizers effective?

Yes, they are effective when used properly. A hand sanitizer’s main ingredient is ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol. Ethanol can effectively kill 99.9{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} of germs and can help prevent the spread of bacteria. If considering a hand sanitizer on a carabiner or keychain, be sure to confirm the ingredients. Most hand sanitizers contain at

Hand Sanitizer 2

least 60{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} ethanol, anything less and you may have a ‘watered-down’ version that is less effective. Using hand sanitizer correctly is the only way to know it’s effective.  It should be applied to all parts of your hands; this includes targeting under your fingernails where most germs tend to live. Don’t just give away a hand sanitizer product at your next event, consider providing a fact sheet or a ‘how-to’ with the product to show your customers you aren’t just about promoting your brand, but also promoting good health.
What’s the best setting for hand-sanitizer giveaways?
Actually any event or setting is a good time to consider a hand sanitizer giveaway. As we mentioned earlier, it’s not just for hospitals anymore and today people are used to seeing a public hand sanitizer dispenser in most business settings. Ideally, if you are in the healthcare industry, hand sanitizer should be a part of your marketing campaign. Since you promote health, make sure your marketing approach is aligned with your brand or services. Even if your company is not healthcare-related, if the services you provide require direct contact with people, hand sanitizer can be a great promotional item. More importantly, unless your customers have an allergy to alcohol, and nifty tube of hand sanitizer with your decorative logo or slogan will be used.

Sanitizer Custom Logo.jpg
There are a variety of hand sanitizers on the market. Choosing one brand over another generally comes down to the contents of the product (remember: at least 60{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} alcohol) and the design of the packaging. Hand sanitizers will range in price. Including a unique rubber casing and belt loop or a sturdy carabiner will certainly add to the cost. There are now spray-on hand sanitizer’s and others with inviting fragrances to cover up the smell of alcohol. The best part is that the shelf life of most hand sanitizer products is two years! This means that you don’t have to worry if you don’t give them all away at once (though we’re sure they will be popular). You can store them and give it out your next event
A promotional hand sanitizer is not just for companies providing health care services; it can be a great giveaway for any customer-base. It’s a product that won’t break the bank, can be very useful to your customers, is long lasting and promotes good health! Sounds l

The Grind on Coffee Promotional Items

Promotional products work best when you pair them with something your customers love. Maybe you’re not a coffee conglomerate like Starbucks but you can certainly bet that if your marketing campaign promotes or enhances the drinking of coffee, you will certainly win fans. There’s no denying it, we love our coffee! Statistics show that about 50{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} of all Americans drink coffee, so we can easily say it’s not a fluke and instead a habit that isn’t going away any time soon.

But why do we love coffee so much?

There are some easy answers to this question. There is a physiological effect on people that causes them to drink coffee. The craving for caffeine is strong in many people, and overwhelmingly powerful in others. Another reason for our love of coffee; personalization! Just as we can personalize a soccer ball or USB drive, we can order coffee to our liking: extra hot, low fat milk, whip cream, espresso shot, caramel swirls, soy milk…you get the point.  Some of us love coffee just because it provides a sense of consistency; we can’t function until we have our cup of coffee for the day. For others, a cup of Joe just makes us happy, a small escape from the daily grind.
How does the love of coffee play into your marketing approach?

Consider a promotional product that is all about coffee. First item that comes to mind? A coffee cup or coffee mug! A coffee cup or mug is a fairly popular item, commonly used as giveaways. Coffee cups come in a variety of styles, some with built-in spoons; others called “Bistro” cups are taller to accommodate the foam of a delicious latte. Coffee travel mugs are an invention which made a huge impact on avid coffee drinkers. Now you can keep your coffee hot and travel with it! Never underestimate the power of a good coffee cup or travel mug; it’s a gift that will sure to be utilized and appreciated by your customers or staff.
You can take your coffee-focused marketing campaign a step further. Consider a unique coffee stirrer, with your logo or company name. A coffee-cup-sleeve is also a good idea and they are not very expensive. However, it may not be a very effective giveaway unless you are actually serving cups of coffee. Additionally, most sleeves are disposable, not meant to be used after the cup of coffee is empty…hence, not always the most ideal promotional product. The ultimate coffee-centric giveaway? Coffee! A bag of coffee beans with your personalized label would certainly be impressive.
Promoting your company or brand is certainly the main focus of any marketing campaign or promotional giveaway, but consider tailoring your giveaway items to match what your customers (or society in general) enjoy most.


Best Beach Giveaways

Summer is almost over. Hopefully you’ve made at least one trip to the beach and brought along one of the many beach accessories to enhance your beach experience. Many items are synonymous with the beach and used without a second thought. The most common beach items can be a successful promotional giveaway. Even if you don’t live near the beach, these five beach items can be used for any outdoor fun for your customers.

1. Sunscreen: This is a practical giveaway and useful in many situations. One of the primary reasons for heading to the beach is to catch the sunshine and hopefully a tan. It’s ok to take home some extra sand from the beach, but most people would prefer to leave without the sunburn. Try giving your customers a sunscreen bottle with a clip to click to a belt or bag.  Sunscreen is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to tell your customers you care about their ‘sun health’. At $0.47 to $1.00, a fun sunscreen clip will be sure to improve your customer’s beach experience. 

2. Frisbee:  A no-brainer when it comes to any type of outdoor fun, but especially useful for a beach picnic. It’s amazing to think that a plastic plate-shaped item could be entertaining; such a simple invention with a lot of purpose! Buying these in bulk can certainly reduce costs to as low as $0.30 a Frisbee. The best part is that it’s an item that can be a great visual for a colorful or poignant promotional campaign. Beach-goers, aka your customers, will love this giveaway and will help keep your logo or company name flying high!

3. Beach Towel: Talk about a blank canvas for your promotional vision! A beach towel is an excellent way to advertise to your customers, but more importantly it’s a giveaway that will certainly be utilized. To combat hot sand and the cold ocean water, arm your customers with a stylish and vibrant beach towel.  One of the more pricey giveaways, starting at around $6.00 each, but also one of the most effective. Most customers will use a good beach towel for years to come. Every time they head to the beach with their trusty beach towel, they will be reminded of your product or brand. Now that’s effective promoting! 

4. Sunglasses: There isn’t much to explain about this possible giveaway item. Sunglasses are going to be a hit for any event; any occasion and at most any time during the year (expect maybe at a nighttime event).  For your marketing campaign, it’s best to go with sunglasses that are simple and made up of inexpensive materials since sunglasses can certainly range on the very expensive side. Not the best idea to give out mass quantities of Ray Bans or Oakley sunglasses, as that can certainly break the bank. Aim for sunglasses for promotional purposes which will range from $0.94 to $2.00 a pair.

5. Visor:  Any time we are discussing the beach, the topic of conversation will always come back to the sun. There are several possibilities when it comes to promotional giveaway visors. A cool visor is another item to combat the sun and protect your customers. Advertising your product or logo has never come so easy; with the visor, it will be prominently displayed on your customers head! From $0.35 for the plastic visors, up to several dollars for a stylish fabric embroidered version, these are giveaways that can fit almost any budget.

With sun, fun and the cool ocean waters, it seems almost impossible to make a beach trip any more exciting! Never underestimate the power of a nifty promotional item to enhance your customer’s beach experience.


Understanding Vector Art

While you may not need to completely understand vector art, it is good to be familiar with the concept when ordering promotional products. The reason is that the best quality branded merchandise starts with vector artwork. While the word ‘vector’ may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, it is actually straightforward to understand.

What is vector art?

Vector art is a specific technique, which uses curves, shapes, lines, and points to create a mathematical, computer-ready image. Made up of paths that lead to control points, vector graphics can be called a cleaner format to present artwork. Vector graphics vs Pixel graphics While all artwork may appear to be computer-ready (after all it was sent via computer), only art files created using specific programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop will allow the tech-savvy user to edit, manipulate and ‘beautify’ artwork to the needed specifications without losing quality.

Getting artwork in the preferred format is optimal since it can save precious time when getting the order out to production. Often times, customers have an idea of what they want, but they don’t have the exact artwork available or they are using a not-so-helpful art format. This is where we step in and offer a graphics library! We have access to an extensive library, with an assortment of vector art.

Why is a graphics library helpful?

For starters, it helps you to generate ideas. Sometimes we have the perfect promotional product in mind, but we don’t know where to start when it comes to imprinting, or as we call it, branding!

Yes, we know a cool promotional item speaks for itself, but without the right artwork, your message won’t come across the way it should. Not all companies have access to a graphics library. We have invested in a library to help customers who need to search for ideas on ready-made graphics to use for their imprint. We use the word ‘ready-made’ because the library contains graphics that are already in vector format! Not only can you generate ideas, once you select the graphic of your choice, you can get your order out to production and into your hands quicker!

While you may not be a ‘graphics guru’, as you do more to promote your brand or business with unique promotional items, you will get more familiar with how important artwork is in the promotional business. Keep a lookout for more information about accessing the graphics library on our website. We guarantee we have something you’ll like!

Health Promoting Pedometer

While it seems unlikely, the marketing industry has many ways to use promotional products to promote health. A pedometer is just one of the many items that can market your brand while keeping your customers fit! If you are like most people, your motivation to get to the gym and improve your health spiked after watching the 2012 Olympics. Watching amazingly-talented and athletically-superior people compete in a variety of sports on a global level can certainly be inspiring. But it can also make you feel a little guilty too!

Most Olympians have made it their life-long career to stay in shape and live healthy lives; but Olympians are only a fraction of our population and usually are not the primary customer-base we market to. If you’re like most people, staying healthy is more of an afterthought and not a priority. It would be great if staying fit could be easy and not so time consuming. Guess what? It CAN be easy! Investing in a simple pedometer can be your first step (pun intended) towards a healthier you.

A great promotional product that promotes health…read on!
We often forget that the basic objective of a good promotional product is an item that your customers will actually use. It makes no sense to put your logo, slogan or message on a product that will entertain your customers for only 5 minutes until it’s thrown in a drawer or back seat of a car. Good promotional products have staying power and are easily used again and again; hence, keeping your brand or company visible. Most people want to be in better shape; it’s been their New Year’s Resolution for the last 5 years!
We all come from varying degrees of physical fitness, but most of us could manage an occasional walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Like most technology today, pedometers come with all the bells and whistles you can imagine; some count calories, others have timers, can tell time, or provide the day of the week. Keep it simple, keep it affordable; consider a pedometer that performs the basic function: counts steps! A pedometer is a product that will show your customer you care about promoting good health and you will be surprised by how many will actually use it. Go a step further and develop a program that rewards customers who log in a specific number of steps. A good piece of information: 2,000 steps equals one mile.
The 2012 Olympics showed us lots of action and movement, but most of us are fairly sedentary, sitting on average eight hours a day!
Why not motivate your customers towards a healthier lifestyle, by giving them a custom or specially branded pedometer at your next event!  Give us a call and we can help find the pedometer that works best for you.