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Reusable Bags Saving the Planet

Whether you like it or not, reusable bags will become one of your shopping tools. Most of us like the idea of using a reusable bag. “Reduce our carbon footprint, “clean up the environment”, and “SAVE THE PLANET” are all phrases we would like to adopt in our style of living. Switching to a reusable shopping bag is actually a step in the right direction. Tobegin your journey on this virtuous path to eco-friendly consumerism, you do need to first buy

your reusable bags. Like many healthy trends (like going to the gym) we often delay embarking on them because we “don’t have the time” or we just keep forgetting to do it. Often times, receiving negative information is the only way to kick-start our healthy habits. To encourage consumers to use a reusable bag when shopping, we will share the ‘negative’ aspects of continuing to use the disposable bags.

Most of us are aware of the increasing amount of trash accumulating across the globe. When consumers throw away a plastic bag, it will not decompose. If the plastic bag makes its way to a water source, usually via a sewer, it can wreak havoc on marine animals. Simply disposing of your plastic bag in a trash can doesn’t mean it won’t accidently fly into a nearby gutter and begin its journey out to sea to create an environmental hazard. Paper bags are not immune to harming our environment.  Paper bags add to deforestation, which affects air quality, plant growth, global warming….the list goes on.

Have we scared you yet?

If we have, then good, because it means we have encouraged you to look at your shopping habits and made you consider reusable bags. Let’s switch gears and look at the positive aspects of reusable bags. What’s the most obvious positive feature? It’s REUSABLE! Anything that you can use repeatedly avoids the need to replace it, essentially eliminating the amount in existence. Even more obvious is the fact that anything reusable means less money leaves your pocket. Deciding to take reusable bags whenever you shop means you reduce the amount of plastic or paper bags in circulation. If we all continue that trend, we can make a huge difference. The amount of trash will be reduced, animals will be saved, fewer trees will be cut down, global warming will be less drastic and yes, we will begin to SAVE THE PLANET!


Whether you’re an individual consumer or a representative for a large company, incorporating reusable bags into your daily living or business-setting can make a dramatic difference. As a company, you can hand out attractive reusable bags with your logo and name to your customers to help them pick up better shopping habits, but also to promote your brand. As an individual, you can actually start utilizing that reusable bag! If we all work together, taking it one step at a time, we can make a difference and SAVE THE PLANET!

Wrap Up The Year With The Perfect Corporate Gift

As the holiday season approaches, many employers are starting to ponder corporate gift ideas for their employees. For many employers, showing appreciation for hard work and achievement is not only expected but essential to ensure good faith and improve company moral. A corporate gift

should always match the company culture and of course the company budget, yet keep in mind feedback from employees. We are highlighting only a few corporate gift ideas to help get those creative juices flowing in time for the holiday season and the proverbial ‘job-well-done’ holiday party.

It’s one thing to buy your employees a standard pad folio; however, personalizing the pad folio will be the difference between a bland ‘Thank you’ and a smile with genuine appreciation. Employees can easily pick up a pad of paper from the company office supply room or from a local store, but a stylish leather bound pad folio with their name etched on the front shows much more appreciation for a job well-done. Select the size and features that best match your budget, but factor in the cost of personalization. A pad folio is a timeless gift and will be useful in the workplace for years to come.

With the amount of stuff we drag to and from work, rewarding your employees newport-tote

with a gift they can utilize is  always a winner. The beauty of a bag or carrier is that you have a vast amount of choices. Bags and carriers come in several styles. Messenger bags, backpacks, grocery bags, cinch bags, satchels, the list goes on. Bags and carriers don’t need to be just an end-of-year gift and often are appropriate for any type of event.



If done right, a company shirt, sweatshirt or hat will be valued by your employee’s and worn with pride. It’s easy to find a garment that is very light on the wallet, but if your purpose is to reward employees, cheap gifts will not be very successful. Poor quality or a dull style will not only go unappreciated, but also appear a bit insulting. To demonstrate your appreciation for the quality of work done, be sure to give your employees a clothing item of value, made with high quality fabric and take into consideration styles that are popular.

Not every employee is ‘tech-savvy’, so high tech gifts are not always going to be hit. If you don’t know how to use the gift, then it’s really not very exciting when you get it. A classic, professional desk or wall clock may seem less exciting but it’s simple, and it’s safe to assume every employee will understand its function. Clocks come in a variety of shapes, styles, and price ranges. Choose carefully. Since a clock is a very common item and used by employees daily, you need to make sure your gift can be set apart from one that your employee would just pick up at a store. Adorn the clock with the company name or logo. Consider personalization, by adding each employees name to the clock and a short message. While a clock is certainly one of our top corporate gift ideas, selecting something original and creative can make for more appreciative employees.

Treat each year or employee-appreciation event as an opportunity to ‘wow’ your staff and truly show your admiration for your employees by selecting the perfect corporate gift. The ideas are endless; now is the time to pair up with your sales rep to start the process of finding and creating the ideal gift.

Satisfaction Your Customers Can Taste

Promote your business and eat it too! Edible promotional giveaways are nothing new, but often an overlooked marketing approach. They say the

way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the same can be true for your customers or staff. Give them something good to eat and they will love you forever (or at least for the time being). The key to an edible promotional product is to allow your customers or employees to enjoy some good eats, but not to lose sight of your company name.

Customers and staff will always appreciate a tasty snack that creatively represents the company. If your staff just accomplished something great, but your budget doesn’t allow you to buy them the expensively, massive trophy you feel they deserve…add a little humor to the situation and get them a chocolate trophy or medal! Even the dieters or ‘healthy’ eaters will appreciate the gesture and your department budget will not suffer. If you want to thank your customers for their support and don’t want to simply treat them to another company lunch, try some personalized cookies with your logo pressed into each of the cookie’s soft topsides. Cookies are great, but personalized cookies are even more exciting to receive.

An edible promotional product doesn’t need to be fully edible. What does this mean? It means, you can put edibles inside of a container or receptacle adorned with your logo or company name and the customers still get to enjoy something good to snack on. Delivering a jar full of candies to your customer’s office certainly goes a long way. Making sure the jar is reusable and colorfully displays your company name ensures customers will remember the gift-giver and keep your company in mind for future services. Recent trends show that more companies are providing large ‘group’ gifts like a basket of edible goods instead of individual gifts, as they tend to stir up more excitement in the office.

While chocolate, candy or cookies would definitely not disappoint…ready-to-eat items aren’t a necessity for successful promotional products. A customized tin of hot chocolate mix or coffee grounds may not allow your customers or staff to eat them right away, but that doesn’t mean that wont enjoy the friendly gift in the near future with excitement. Don’t overlook the simplicity of an edible gift, timing is certainly important…but we can safely say, the majority of the group will take pleasure from a tasty reward!

Gift baskets are certainly a standard present during the


holidays; and we know your customers appreciate them. Instead of giving them the typical basket, try something creative. If your company is in the automotive industry, make the candy holder a large toy pick-up truck with the sweets hitching a ride in the trunk! Gift baskets are certainly easy to find but searching for something unique can take time and energy, leave it to the experts. Believe it or not a promotional marketing company, like us, can certainly help you find the perfect edible gift; whether a gift basket, tin, jar or other fun container for delicious fun, we can find what you need

An edible giveaway or gift is surely an item good for any occasion. Picking the right moment and the right edible product is important. Stay creative with your gift, and just remember a delicious chocolate chip cookie or candy simply can’t be ignored.

Marketing the Science of a Stress Ball

They’re called ‘stress balls’ but do they really help eliminate stress? Or are they just a helpful promotional product? Somewhere in our social history, it was determined that we deal with a lot of stress and that squeezing onto a firm but plush ball would help alleviate that stress.

But is it science or just good product promotion? It’s actually a bit of both! The truth is the stress ball has been used by people for a very long time. The stress balls of today are a bit more ‘flashy’ and go beyond the simple skill of alleviating stress.

The science of a stress ball is that it actually serves to distract and often gives people emotional release by repeated squeezing. A stress ball can do more than just help with emotional stress, but also physical ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism and can improve blood circulation. See! It’s not a fake, there is science! The stress ball does serve a purpose beyond furthering brand identity. If you work in an office setting, like we do, you are constantly typing and using a mouse to complete your daily work (even typing this blog will fatigue our hands). A simple stress ball can help exercise the muscles of the hand and have been known to help avoid or reduce carpal-tunnel syndrome.
Now that we understand more of the science, you will see how it feeds directly into the promotional aspect of the amazing stress ball giveaway! If you have a product that promotes the reduction of stress, and the increase in positive hand-mechanics then you have a giveaway that is going to be popular with customers. Even better, is the fact that contrary to earlier belief, a stress ball doesn’t even need to be round to be effective. Any shape will do! This is where you step in and make a health-promoting item your own brand campaign.
Take our company for instance. We could make a stress ball in the shape of a gorilla head or maybe a miniature gorilla. The stress ball (or stress gorilla) would promote the benefits of good health, but people may walk up to you curious as to why you are so intensely squeezing onto a miniature gorilla. We could take our promotional campaign a step further and create a banana-shaped stress ball, with all the colors and features of your normal grocery store banana. Outfit the stress banana with our logo and company name and TA DA, another great product to easily promote our company.Monkey Stress Ball.jpg
So, the more unique the shape, the more it will catch people’s attention. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to using a stress ball for your next promotional product. Custom orders are our specialty!

Popular T-Shirt Styles

When it’s all said and done…a t-shirt is still the most popular promotional item. A t-shirt is the most common way to promote your brand, image, slogan, or company name. Many of the manufacturers we work with have reinvented and perfected the common t-shirt.With new styles, fabrics, and custom-designs, the t-shirts of today have come a long way to meet the demands and desires of our customers.  There are many t-shirt options for your marketing needs; before placing your next t-shirt order let’s consider a few common styles in the promotional marketing industry.

The Performance Shirt

Best used for the active individual because of its moisture-wicking quality. If your customer-base is very active or the event you are sponsoring or promoting will induce sweating, a Performance Shirt will be ideal. These shirts are made of  polyester and will quickly dry moisture and sweat. Additionally, the Performance Shirt tends to be wrinkle resistant and will keep its color longer. After repeated use by active individuals the Performance Shirt will last the test of time and your company brand will stay relevant in the eyes of your customers.

The Eco-Friendly Shirt

Believe it or not, a shirt can be made with a variety of recycled fabrics and materials. Most Eco-Friendly shirts are made with organic Recycled Cotton Blendcotton, which means the cotton is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The option to wear a shirt that is environmentally responsible can impress your more selective customers and certainly goes a long way in an environmentally-conscious society. Eco-Friendly shirts are available in many styles, offering your customers many options for a successful and safe promotional product.

The 50/50 Shirt

The benefits of polyester and the comfort of cotton combine to create the 50/50 shirt. As we learned about the Performance Shirt, polyester is best for high levels of activity and moisture-wicking. Cotton adds the comfort, giving the shirt a worn and soft feel. It’s like getting the best of both in one shirt! The other perk of a 50/50 shirt is that it won’t have significant shrinking after washing. The 50/50 Shirt is a popular style for promotional giveaways as it light and has a relaxed fit; definitely a style to consider to appeal to your customers.

The Ring Spun Shirt

A popular shirt in most fashion outlets, the Ring Spun Shirt is 100% cotton at its best. Ring spun style has much closer stitching which gives the shirt a very soft feel. Ring spun shirts are very durable and easy to maintain. Your customers will identify with a Ring spun shirt as they have been made popular by many well-known clothing stores.  A shirt with the soft and relaxing style that your customers can identify with will certainly be a hit. Add a clever logo or slogan to represent your company or brand and you’re sure to have a success on your hand.

The 100% Cotton Shirt

Ultimately the most common shirt on the market, we never shy away from the classics. Cotton is one of the most dependable fabrics andSport Shirt most well-known. Your standard cotton shirt can be woven into different styles, not to mention several types of cottons. The various types of cotton blends can make for a heavier or lighter shirt. It can also influence the softness, thickness, and the color of the shirt. Cotton is the traditional fabric for most shirts, you’re sure not find one that fits your needs.
With the variety of fabrics and styles on the market, this was only the tip of the iceberg for options on your next promotional t-shirt. Keep in mind the style, the blend of fabrics, textures and of course, the cost of the shirt when placing your next order. But most important is to know your audience and what your customers will like. Each style of shirt comes with specific highlights and features that will target the needs of the user. We are certainly the resident expert’s on t-shirts; so give us a call and we can help identify the t-shirt that is best fit for you!