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Why a Barbecue Represents the Best of Summer!

There are a lot of things that are great about summer. Roller coasters, swimming pools, and even ice cream all are delights of the sizzling months, but when you’re looking to bring people together for a celebration, finding one event that can fit everybody in the crew, and that doesn’t break the bank, is always a unique challenge. One of the best types of events for a big and highly enjoyable summer experience is throwing a summer barbecue.

As summer comes to an end we want to reminisce about the things that make them great like barbecues. A barbecue can be the perfect solution to planning hours of endless fun with all of your coworkers, friends or family with great laughs and great food! But even beyond the basic barbecue event, there are ways to make this summer get together the type of event that everyone who shows up can not only enjoy but participate in. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that you can elevate your barbecue to the next level.

Bring people together & include everyone!

Barbecues are the perfect type of event for companies, blended families or for large groups of friends to take part in. What really can make the day special is planning ahead and having accessories that can help to include everyone in the fun.

six piece bbq set.jpgBy getting a few extra grill tongs and cooking accessories you can create an enjoyable competition to find out who can come up with the best burger, and who makes the meanest grilled shrimp dish. The guys can help out by setting up the propane tanks and the grill, and even the younger kids can bring out the pans and dishes loaded with fresh and seasoned raw chopped foods. Not only is the inclusive barbecue event easy for all to enjoy, but it is a delightfully inexpensive way to celebrate. Barbecue accessories are sure to be used time and time again after the event and branded barbeque items will always remind the precipitant of the fun they has when they got them. It provides endless fun for the summer. For such an amazing and unifying experience the well-accessorized barbecue event is a winner all around.

The variety is mouth watering

The smell of barbecued food wafting by is completely soothing to the senses. With everything from burgers and ribs, to chicken wings and pulled pork, and even veggie or vegan patties, there is literally something for every type of person that you might invite.

grill set with skewers.jpg

You can even stay healthy by purchasing metal skewers that you can use for everything from grilled corn, to savory vegetable and chicken or fish kebabs. With a skewer for each person in the crowd, every attendee can ‘customize’ their own meal by picking a combination of meat, fish, and veggies from a pre-cut fresh platter. You can even order custom labeled BBQ sauces to make the event unforgettable. With plenty of portable coolers on the side to keep fruit and drinks ice cold and crisp there just isn’t a more refreshing meal.

In today’s computer, iPhone and video game world, finding a truly fun way to enjoy the great outdoors is a gem. If you are looking for great barbeque giveaway items for the perfect barbecue event contact us for our top picks and newest items. The well-planned and well-accessorized barbecue event can be great fun for every kind of person and will allow everyone to take advantage of the glorious summer sunshine in a delightful way.

Tech Related Items Are Top Of Mind

Right now technology realted items are always top of mind and wearable technology is taking over. This is going to be the year of breakthrough wearable technology. We have already seen the beginning of smartwatches, fitness bands, and smart glasses and with Apple launching new tech products it brings a new variety to the market place. Products will become more accessible and affordable to the general market. Some estimate that wearable technology market will reach over $5 billion by 2018!

With a large focus on fitness, the fitness bands and smartwatches have changed the way we exercise, communicate and even how we eat and sleep. These little expensive pieces of technology are designed to get people more active. Many gyms and personal trainers have adopted these devices and have integrated them into their programs. Some companies are also incorporating fitness devices into their employee health benefit packages by providing wearable tech items which may directly affect you. Are you keeping up with wearable technology?

Fitness bands and smartwatches aren’t the only wearable’s going tech these days. Major fitness companies are developing wearable fiber-optic clothing and smart jewelry for the connected fashionistas. Wearable tech has the potential to become the smartphone of the next decade and it will be exciting to see how the promotional products industry responds to all advances.

We expect technology related items to really take off in the second half of 2015 and soar in 2016. With everything you are able to do with these wearable devices anything that is tech related or for use with tech items is going to be a perfect pick for a promotional product.

<Microfibercloth My personal favorite tech related item would have to be the soft microfiber cloths. With the amount of money you drop on wearable technology you don’t want to use a standard cloth or rough t-shirt to clean your device and risk scratching it. Microfiber cleaning cloths are made with high-density microfiber materials designed to remove dirt, dust, and oil smudges from sensitive surfaces like cell phones, smart watches, and fitness band screens. They are available with smooth or serrated (jagged) edges. They come in a variety of colors with spot color print or full color imprint making the possibilities endless.

My favorite size of the microfiber cloth is the 5”x 5” cloth because it fits anywhere and is perfect for any tech item in your life. The best thing about this size microfiber cloth is that it starts at under a buck making it a budget friendly promotional product.


I just so happen to have three, yes three! One in my purse, one in my car, and one at my desk so I always have one on hand. The one in my car has been around almost as long as my 98′ accord, which goes to show they last. It happens to have my insurance company’s phone number on it just in case I get in a fender bender or my little car doesn’t make it I have all I need to call for my roadside service. It is no coincidence I have kept it and used it in my car so long; practical product with important information.

Microfiber clothes are a versatile and economical option to keep you current with wearable technology trends without having to compete with the high priced technology items. Instead it enhances the use of them and makes them long lasting promotional items.


Tablecloths and Table Covers

Make a lasting first impression and turn the tables on the competition with a clean and sleek customized table cover for your next tradeshow, meeting, or event. Visitors will be drawn to your booth or display when your professionally branded table cover is on display. A customized table cover will also draw attention to your message and not the boxes under your table. Select a color and incorporate your logo to maximize your promotional area! These beautiful and durable tablecloths are washing machine and dryer friendly, dry-cleaning is not necessary. They are also wrinkle resistant which allows for instant usability!

Choose a throw style for extra, more convertible coverage or a fitted style for a more polished and trim fit. If you already have the table cover and just need to highlight your logo, a table runner is a great option. Table runners are great for frequent message or event changes.

Ordering a Custom Table Cover is simple! We can help you create the perfect table cover to meet your needs. You can order a table cover with your exact logo, slogan, or company name and have it in-hands in 5-7 days or less! Depending on your quantity, budget and art, custom table covers are quick-turn promotional products that can make the difference at your next tradeshow or event. Only need one? It can be done, but we feel it is always a good idea to produce at least two pieces because you never know when you might need a second custom table cover. Also think long term; table covers are subject to natural wear and tear, therefore, it’s better to print a second one for insurance. Want a special color? No problem. Table covers can be ordered in a variety of quantities, sizes and colors to meet your needs. Most common sizes are 6 foot and 8 foot, but custom sizes are always available. We can create a table cover from a basic one color imprint to a vibrant full color or even a full dye-sublimated table cover with your logo or image covering the entire cloth.

Whatever your event, a table cover will create an advertisement that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t take hours to set up. They may seem like a very basic item to purchase but the curb appeal of your will get with a custom table cloth can be immensely increased using a simple piece of fabric. The realm of options for these items is virtually limitless so just call us with your ideas, and we would be happy to brainstorm with you to help make them a reality! Accent your customized table cover with items such as custom chair-backs and banners or unique tabletop items. We personally, prefer a prize wheel!

Check our our special on tablecloths for a limited time!

Custom Tangle Free Zipper Earbuds

Do you often find your earbuds or headphones in a tangled mess? I can not stand it when I find my earbuds in a tangled knotted mess. I have tried many earbuds that say they are made of tangle free material but nothing even comes close to the design of the zipper cord on the custom zipper earbuds.

I have never seen any earbuds like the custom zipper buds.  These earphones are unique because the cord is made of a flexible zipper. This unique zipper feature keeps them tangle free because they are made just like a traditional zipper.  All you do is unzip them to use and then when you are done you simply zip them up to store them.

I absolutely love that custom zipper earbuds never tangle and stay in place while in use so you never have to worry about tangled cords. They are able to stay tangle free while in use because you can zip them up right into place.  The zipper cord design that lets you decide where to zip or unzip the cord so you can have the perfect fit no matter what.  They also stay tangle free while moving or working out which is truly amazing. The best part is that they even stay tangle free while being stored because of the brilliant zipper design. Just zip them up and they are ready for next time. They even fit in your pocket so they are easily accessible and always on hand. You never have to waste time untangling them.

Blue Zipper earbuds

Blue Zipper Earbuds

Along with the great zipper design is the fabulous option to customize the zipper pulls. From a standard shape or pull to a completely customized or fully logoed zipper pull you will be amazed at how the custom zipper pulls will really make your earbuds stand out from the rest. The zipper cords are available in a variety of colors and the zipper pulls can be either PVC or full color metal.

So if you’re looking for unique customizable and tangle free earbudsthen these are the perfect choice. I’ve never seen zipper earbuds before and the zipper really works to keep them tangle free.  You will never have to worry about reaching into your bag and pulling out a tangled mess of cords again.

These also make a great gift item or giveaway. The custom zipper pulls let you put your logo right into the hands of your customers. Zipper earbuds are great for kids, teens, busy business men and women and of course everyone who doesn’t have the time to waste trying to untangle their traditional earbuds.

These earbuds are normally close to $20 and I love them so much that I am excited to share an amazing deal on them for a limited time they are only $14.99 that’s a steal, for these great earbuds.  We know you won’t be able to pass these up at this amazing price.

ear buds

Ear Buds

The anti-tangle zipper feature really works and with the fully customizable zipper pull they will surly be a great conversation starter. They come in a variety of colors, my favorite being the glow in the dark so you can always find your earbuds even at night. If you are looking for an original idea don’t miss out at your chance of getting your logo in to the hands of all your customers with this amazing product.



Earth Day is April 22nd

Worrisome evidence continues to roll in pointing toward escalating global temperatures. And as the Earth heats up so does the discussion regarding a potential solution. There may not be a consensus yet on how to undo what we have wrought, but this growing attention to environmental concerns has produced an exponentially growing need for eco-friendly and sustainable products. The promotional product industry has had their respective green thumbs on the pulse of these environmental demands for years and continues to roll out innovative, ecologically-sound means of advertising brands and companies.

April 22nd is Earth Day, as has every April 22nd been for over 40 years when a Wisconsin senator, after witnessing the devastation and destruction of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, set in motion a series of public and political events culminating in the official adoption of the holiday. Within a matter of years the spirit of the event spread out from the US borders and today Earth Day is observed by over 500 million people and officially by a number of national governments in over 175 countries worldwide.



Having a specific event on which to focus is a great opportunity for businesses and groups to promote themselves while showing their dedication to conservancy and protection of our rapidly dwindling resources. Reusable tote bags have long been a staple of the promotional industry and are touted as being a responsible alternative to disposable plastic bags. And since more and more places worldwide are finding that plastic bags are being heavily penalized if not outlawed entirely (plastic bags have been banned in Bangladesh since 2002!), reusable bags have become not only popular but necessary. However, saying you carry tote bags is like saying CostCo carries… stuff. The versatility of these bags in both material and style is remarkably vast. All of these bags are reusable, made with non-woven Polypropylene derivatives, which reduces waste and landfill real estate immensely, but many are made partially if not completely out of post-consumer recycled content.



The call for promotional products made from recycled materials has skyrocketed (presumably fueled by a corn-based combustible elixir) well past tote bags and into diversified categories: pens, drinkware, journals, cutlery, backpacks, and even USB flash drives! Take advantage of this upcoming Earth Day by exhibiting a presence for your brand that is not only creative and intriguing but also demonstrates your dedication to conservancy and ecological preservation.

Would you like help putting together an eco-friendly promotional campaign? Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help suggest a number of items that will present your event/brand in the slimmest of carbon footprints