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Administrative Professionals’ Day 2018

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a day to recognize the work and efforts of receptionists, secretaries, and administrative assistants. This year, it lands on Wednesday, April 25th, which means now is the time to come up with ideas to show your appreciation.

Celebrating their hard work with any of these small (and not so small) gifts will remind your favorite administrative professionals that their work doesn’t go unnoticed.

18 oz. Tumbler

These tumblers have an everyday use and feel to them. They have double wall for insulation for cold or hot liquids and can be purchased in seven bright and vibrant colors. These are available for as low as $3.27 a unit.

Stoneware Mug

Mugs are a great go-to gift for office employees because it is something that can stay at their desk or go home with them. Mugs can also be filled with candies or treats for a little bit more excitement. These mugs come in an assortment of colors that are sure to fit your brand or logos needs. These are available for as low as $1.89 a unit.

Gift Bag of Cookies

If you don’t know, now you know that we also can do custom treats! These cute little cookies come in a custom logo’d box with a bow. Treats are a great way to show you care and celebrate accomplishments. These are available for as low as $4.99 a unit.

Boat Tote

Canvas totes are a great gift to show you appreciate Administrative Professionals. This gift is great for the weekend and will showcase your logo where ever they go. These are available for as low as 4.98 a unit.

Executive Pen with Case 

These pens have a great clean look to them and come in a case to match. Sometimes a nice pen is a great way to show you appreciate hard work. These pens come in black and can be imprinted with different colors to fit your brand. These are available for as low as $3.99 a unit.



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Promo Marketing Magazine: Focus on Fundraising

One of our very own Gorillas, Rosslyn Forrester, was recently featured in the January 2018 issue of Promo Marketing Magazine where she offered insights for nonprofits on the how to use promotional products to bolster fundraising initiatives. Rosslyn‘s thoughts on how to take nonprofit promotions to the next level are intuitive and inspiring for anyone with a passion for fundraising or nonprofits.

According to the article, “Nonprofit organizations consistently rank as one of the top purchasers of promotional products.”

There are a number of opportunities for nonprofits to leverage these items, from event giveaways and donor gifts to selling branded t-shirts and other fun promotional items. Rosslyn points out that whether the goal is raising awareness, rewarding donors, or thanking volunteers, branded items can help to rapidly build awareness for any organization.

She states, “Nonprofits are looking for a call-to-action. Awareness. Promotional Products are far-reaching — the statistics of our industry show that they are rarely thrown away. They may be re-purposed, which only increases the awareness for the nonprofit.”

This is something that nonprofits should consider, especially when selecting items. Timeless appeal extends the use life and brand lift because people keep and use these products for longer and longer periods of time.

In addition, promotional products that are tied to a cause hold personal meaning for the recipients. Nonprofits that wish to change the world can do so one call-to-action or event at a time.

We’re all super proud of Rosslyn’s commitment to service and her focus on fundraising.

Want to read the full article?

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Fresh Finds for Earth Day and Sustainability

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd, making spring the perfect season for sustainable giveaways and Eco-friendly promotional products. And while scouring through countless catalogs to find the best eco-friendly promotional product can seem daunting, we’ve created a collection of some of our favorite sustainable items. Use them as giveaways for your next Earth Day event or as everyday items to highlight your brand’s commitment reuse, reduce, recycle, and promote a more sustainable lifestyle!

Apple Peel Journals

Journals made of apples have little impact on the resources of the world and are entirely made of apple pulp and vegetable fibers. The best part is they even smell like apples too! An impressive and unique giveaway that is available for as low as $9.99 a unit. 

Cotton Totes

Cotton totes are great for everyday errands, groceries or events. They look great logo’d with your brand or and people will love the look and feel to them. these are available for as low as $3.69 a unit. 

Lunch to go Container

Ditch disposable and get sustainable!  Reusable lunch containers are great for everyone and decrease the amount of trash caused by lunches. Add your logo and your brand will go with people everywhere.  These are available for as low as $4.28 a unit. 

Funny Grow Pot Eco-Planter

Plant your brand with these Eco-Planters! People will love these on their desk or for learning opportunities. These planters come in a biodegradable planter, soil wafer and a chive seed packet. A ready to go planter kit for everyone. Promote a green lifestyle for as low as $2.18 a unit. 

Eco-Inspired Pen

Paper Barrel and Wooden Clip Eco-friendly pens are great for giveaways or at the office. These pens are a staple for Eco-friendly items for their unbeatable low cost and look it adds to a brand. These are available for as low as $.45 a unit.

Globe Shape Stress Reliever

Great way to make a statement this Earth Day with these stress reliever stress balls. Give these away for your future Earth Day campaigns, events, or eco effort workshops. These are available for as low as $.99 a unit. 

Recycled Backpack

This backpack is made of 100% recycled and certified non woven polyester. The perfect prize or giveaway for your Earth Day events! The side of the backpack is marked with the recycling logo and “this is your trash talking” to really get the Eco Smart message to be noticed! This backpack takes recycling to the next level. These are available for as low as $11.98 a unit. 


Recycled Glass Paperweight

Recognizing someone for their recycling efforts or for lowering their carbon footprint? These Glass paperweights are made out of recycled glass and are a unique reminder to leave on someones desk. Logo it with your logo or with someones name and accomplishments to make for the perfect gift. These are available for as low as $19.90 a unit. 

Recycled Cardboard Journal

These journal covers are made out of recycled cardboard and the recycling symbol is debossed in the back cover of the journal. The debossed logo looks great on the cover. Journals are great giveaways to promote a sustainable future. These are available for as low as $5.48 a unit.

Recycled Wilson Golf Balls

Got a big tournament coming up near Earth Day? Or want to impress a client by promoting a recycled lifestyle? These golf balls are made from 100% recycled materials with a rubber core made of recycled tires. Imprint your logo or a small message to fit you brand and help the environment at the same time. These are available for as low as $20.39 a unit. 

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Favorite Saint Patrick’s Day Promotional Products

Looking for St. Patrick’s Day Promotional items that will add a little green to your St. Patrick’s Day event? Well, you’re in luck! Saint Patrick’s Day comes every year on March 17. Whether you’re planning a run, golf tournament, fundraiser, or other events, we’ve got St. Patrick’s Day Promotional items that will make others green with envy! 

Saint Patricks DayMini Pint Glass on Shamrock Beads 

Everyone needs to wear a bit of green on St. Patrick’s Day, which is why these necklaces are a crowd pleaser. They can be decorated with your logo or favorite saying and are available for as low as $1.65 a unit! 

Four Leaf Clover Pins 

A simple yet effective way to get pfour leaf clovereople in the holiday spirit are these light-up pins! They make great party favors and can even be attached to a name tag to help guests mingle. Add your logo and enjoy the brand lift as your guests light up the night. These are available for as low as $1.82 a unit! 

Light up Necklace 

These shamrock light up necklaces are everything that you’d expect from a lucky charm. Customize them with your logo or a favorite Irish saying and use them during your parade or other celebration. These light up logo’d necklaces are available for as low as $4.90 a unit! 

Temporary Shamrock Tattoo 

Need to add a little more green to your giveaway selection? These awesome temporary tattoos make it easy for everyone to show their Irish pride and avoid being pinched while they enjoy the festivities. These lucky charms are available for as low as $0.23 a unit! 

Shamrock Sunglasses Sunglasses

Your guests can see the world through shamrock-colored glasses with these fun giveaways. They’re sure to get high visibility and let your guests enjoy the event in style. Shamrock Sunglasses can be customized with your logo or event theme and are great as giveaways or for use with photo booths!  These are available for as low as $2.50! 

Custom Pint GlassesLogo’d Pint Glasses or Growlers 

Create the perfect party favor and giveaways with custom logo’d Beer Glasses or Growlers. Guests can enjoy their drinks in a custom glass and take home a memento of a great event! Prices will vary depending on glass or growler style so contact your rep for more details. 



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Your One Stop Shop for Nurse’s Week Gifts

Nurse’s Week may be 2 months away but now is the perfect time to start looking for Nurse’s Week Gifts. This year, the week begins on Sunday, May 6th and ends on Saturday, May 12th. The best way to show you appreciate their commitment and dedication to helping others is with the perfect gift.  Here are some of our favorite gifts at an affordable price.  

Toiletry bag Toiletry Bag

This toiletry bag is roomy enough to fit everyone’s essentials. It comes in 5 different colors and you can have your logo silk screened or debossed. This is a great functional gift for anyone and has a high-quality look to it. These are available for as low as $3.49 a unit. 

Roll up blanketRoll-up Blanket 

A great way to show you care is with a logo’d roll-up blanket. These are great for picnics or beach trips and is a friendly reminder of your appreciation. This blanket comes in 7 different colors and is available for as low as $6.99 a unit. 

Protein Shaker Protein Shaker

What better way to show you care than with a gift that promotes a healthy lifestyle! Protein shakers are great for health and overall fitness. These come in 5 different colors and are available for as low as $4.98 a unit. 

Lunch CoolerLunch Cooler  

The perfect lunch cooler to keep your food and drinks cold and is something that can be used daily by nurses. These come in 3 different colors, a mesh pocket on the side and a thermal lining and are available for as low as $5.98 a unit.  

25 oz Water Bottle Water bottle

Water bottles are a gift that goes with people everywhere. Giving the gift of a water bottle increases brand exposure and promotes a sustainable lifestyle. These stylish water bottles come in 3 different colors and are available for as low as $4.98 a unit. 

Coffee MugCork Base Ceramic Mug  

Show the nurse’s how great you think they are with these awesome trendy mugs. These mugs also have a lid for people on the go! It comes in two different colors and will look great with your logo. These are available for as low as $5.99 a unit. 



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