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Today we celebrate World Environment Day. While for some this is merely a “social holiday,” for us at Gorilla the day goes beyond social media posts or a hashtag #here and #there. It’s about understanding our connection to our world. Inspired by our very own company icon, the Gorilla, which is currently listed as a critically endangered species due to a loss of habitat, we did a little research about this day and we’d like to share with you what World Environment Day means to us, why our Founder chose a Gorilla to represent our brand, and a little bit about how our company came to be.

World Environment Day is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of OUR environment. How can you get involved? The campaign to “Get Connected with Nature” provides several ways to stay connected with the action on social media and share the message with all of your virtual friends, too.

When you share pictures of your favorite outdoor spot and/or activity AND use the hashtags such as #WithNature #WorldEnvironmentDay you connect with a global movement. When you share nature pics with any of our promotional items and use #Green4Gorilla you join our local movement to educate people to preserve tomorrow. Why does this matter to a promotional marketing company? Because this extends beyond self-serving messaging. To us, it’s the perfect day to express the power of marketing and advertising for the greater good. “Social Holidays” like this provide a wonderful opportunity for creative minds to use branded gear to share a message that has meaning to us all.

Gorilla’s are more than just a critically endangered primate, they are OUR brand and the CORE of our company. Our story begins in 1979, in the dorm room of UCLA Freshman, Chris Arranaga, Founder and CEO of Gorilla Marketing. At that time, he named the company, “Chrisarra Sportswear.” But that didn’t stick. By the time Chris completed his undergrad, he re-named his company Gorilla Marketing. Why Gorilla? Well, Chris was, and still is, inspired by their strength as well as “how family-centered they are.” As first a son and brother, then later husband and father to three adult children of his own, Chris is a firm believer in the importance of family bonds. This belief is the core of his company and is why he’s successfully established a “company philosophy to treat our clients and our suppliers as if they were a respected member of our family.” In an industry plagued by dishonesty, insincerity, and selfishness, Gorilla has a distinct advantage because “Gorillas give and command respect and exude a strength that is majestic. They will go to great lengths to protect their family.”

That passion drives the Gorillas of this company to protect our clients and our world. #gogorilla

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