Tablecloths and Table Covers

Written on January 5, 2015 by

Make a lasting first impression and turn the tables on the competition with a clean and sleek customized table cover for your next tradeshow, meeting, or event. Visitors will be drawn to your booth or display when your professionally branded table cover is on display. A customized table cover will also draw attention to your message and not the boxes under your table. Select a color and incorporate your logo to maximize your promotional area! These beautiful and durable tablecloths are washing machine and dryer friendly, dry-cleaning is not necessary. They are also wrinkle resistant which allows for instant usability!

Choose a throw style for extra, more convertible coverage or a fitted style for a more polished and trim fit. If you already have the table cover and just need to highlight your logo, a table runner is a great option. Table runners are great for frequent message or event changes.

table cover.jpg

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Custom Tangle Free Zipper Earbuds

Written on February 5, 2014 by
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Do you often find your earbuds or headphones in a tangled mess? I can not stand it when I find my earbuds in a tangled knotted mess. I have tried many earbuds that say they are made of tangle free material but nothing even comes close to the design of the zipper cord on the custom zipper earbuds.

tangled ear buds.jpg

I have never seen any earbuds like the custom zipper buds.  These earphones are unique because the cord is made of a flexible zipper. This unique zipper feature keeps them tangle free because they are made just like a traditional zipper.  All you do is unzip them to use and then when you are done you simply zip them up to store them. 

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Spring, It's Here

Written on March 18, 2013 by

Custom Potted Plant It took a few minutes of intense blinking and head shaking for my coworkers here at the Gorilla office to recalibrate and regain their vision. Some continued to complain throughout the day of lingering spots in their peripheral vision, but it was worth it. Yesterday I wore shorts.

The notion occurred to me on my way home the afternoon prior. A wall of orange blossom scent slammed into my little hatchback and seeped in through my car's ventilation system. I rolled down my window and let the wafting aroma guide me to a side street downtown where I parked. There, clustered together as if holding court stood these massive gods of flora towering above me. Dark green leaves served as the undercoat to a blanketed swarm of buttery-white blossoms that appeared to emit a glow of particulate. I was immediately struck dumb with awe, and within two minutes struck dumber with allergies. Clutching my nasal bridge, I scurried back to the recycled air flow of my car and fled home.

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Earth Day is April 22nd

Written on March 1, 2013 by
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Earth Day April 22ndWorrisome evidence continues to roll in pointing toward escalating global temperatures. And as the Earth heats up so does the discussion regarding a potential solution. There may not be a consensus yet on how to undo what we have wrought, but this growing attention to environmental concerns has produced an exponentially growing need for eco-friendly and sustainable products. The promotional product industry has had their respective green thumbs on the pulse of these environmental demands for years and continues to roll out innovative, ecologically-sound means of advertising brands and companies.

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Promotional Calendars Ensure Exposure All Year Round

Written on January 10, 2013 by
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Hanging Wall CalendarWith the rise of the smart phone, nearly everyone has a built-in calendar shoved in their pocket or buried in their purse. That said, I type this within mere inches of a hanging wall calendar, replete with hand-written appointments scratched out and penned over with alterations. And I know I'm not alone. The wall calendar remains ubiquitous and with it the opportunity to hang your logo and brand in plain sight for 365 days (sometimes even 366!).

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The Winter Beanie Cap

Written on December 9, 2012 by
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Promo BeanieA good marketing tactic is to coordinate your promotional products with the seasons. Well winter is upon us and as the weather outside gets frightful, it's time to help your customers bundle up. What's the first item that comes to mind when trying to keep the warmth in? Usually it's a blanket or a sweatshirt. But we are certainly budget-conscious like many of our customers, so it's possible a fleece blanket or embroidered sweat shirt may not be in your price range.  This doesn't mean you can't keep with the trends and find a Winter-friendly promotional product. While statistics may vary depending on the source, there is no denying that we do lose a percentage of heat from our head. A warm beanie cap, as it is usually referred to, is a great product that can keep your customers warm.

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The Perks of a Promo

Written on November 25, 2012 by
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Whether you are a new business or have been around for awhile, never under-estimate the power of a promotional item. The perks of Promotional Tote Bagpromotional products are ever-present, which is why they have been around for years. Sometimes companies are blinded by the cost of a product or assume a small giveaway would not have a significant impact on their business. Read the five facts below to find the truth behind the perks of a promotional product.

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Accessorize Your Customer's Treasured Cell Phone

Written on November 14, 2012 by
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We can’t survive without our cell phones (you know it’s true!), so why not feed the need, and outfit your customers with the perfect cell phone accessories. There are a variety of phones on the market, and each cell phone carrier is competing to get your attention by flashing the latest and greatest cell phone features. You may be guilty of standing in line for the recentlyPhone Ear Buds released iPhone 5! As consumers, we often focus on the phones features, concerned with only how it will improve your work or personal communication experience. The accessories are usually an afterthought, but the truth is they actually are intended to enhance the phone. Some accessories are specific to the phone brand or carrier, but most are universal and have general characteristics that will meet the needs of any savvy cell phone user.

Hands-free talking in the car; it’s the law (well, for some states)!

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Reusable Bags Saving the Planet

Written on November 7, 2012 by
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Whether you like it or not, reusable bags will become one of your shopping tools. Most of us like the idea of using a reusable bag. "Reduce our carbon footprint, "clean up the environment", and "SAVE THE PLANET" are all phrases we would like to adopt in our style of living. Switching to a reusable shopping bag is actually a step in the right direction. Topromotional shopping bagbegin your journey on this virtuous path to eco-friendly consumerism, you do need to first buy your reusable bags. Like many healthy trends (like going to the gym) we often delay embarking on them because we "don't have the time" or we just keep forgetting to do it. Often times, receiving negative information is the only way to kick-start our healthy habits. To encourage consumers to use a reusable bag when shopping, we will share the 'negative' aspects of continuing to use the disposable bags.

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Satisfaction Your Customers Can Taste

Written on October 22, 2012 by
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Promote your business and eat it too! Edible promotional giveaways are nothing new, but often an overlooked marketing approach. They say the chocolate butter cookieway to a man's heart is through his stomach, the same can be true for your customers or staff. Give them something good to eat and they will love you forever (or at least for the time being). The key to an edible promotional product is to allow your customers or employees to enjoy some good eats, but not to lose sight of your company name.

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