5 Beer Friendly Promo Products That’ll Leave Your Brand Thirsty For MORE!

beer day

August 4th, 2017 (the first Friday of August) commenced International Beer Day! The day was created in Santa Cruz back in 2007. The idea behind this day was to celebrate the art of making beer and the various techniques used around the world. Once a niche holiday, International Beer Day has now attracted a worldwide following with celebrations across 207 cities, 50 countries and 6 continents. The founders of the International Beer Day have declared three reasons for continuing the...

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Shark Week Swag You’ll Never Forget!


It's that time of year again, Shark Week kicked off it's Jaws-like specials last week. To commence the most popular end of summer program the 21st century has to offer, the Discovery Network staged a race between U.S swimmer and multi- gold medalist recipient Michael Phelps and a GREAT WHITE SHARK! No, not a real big, real scary, real live SHARK, just a computer generated image of a great white shark. But regardless of the sharks makeup this race without a doubt brought record breaking...

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Back To School Essentials Your Brand NEEDS This Year!

BTS ft. image

Can you believe it? Back to school season is right around the corner.  With most universities, community colleges, and other academic institutions beginning as early as August, it's time to stock up on branded academic essentials. High on the list are items like backpacks, notebooks, tech accessories, and drinkware. Keep reading to find out why each category is a beneficial addition to your brand this upcoming school year! 1. Look around any campus and you'll see backpacks of all shapes...

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5 Ways Giveaways Can Benefit Your Brand

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This week's social celebrations included "Free Slurpee Day" and "Give Something Away Day." While it may be hard to believe, these are real social holidays. The reason that they are celebrated is that people LOVE giveaways. You know this. Heck, you live this (in fact, so do we). That's why we figured this was the perfect time to talk about how giveaways can maximize brand awareness and improve your bottom line. Check out this list of the top 5 ways giveaways benefit your brand: 1....

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What You Should Know About Chocolate Treats Products Before Ordering Them This Summer


Sunshine-filled days and warm nights make summer time enjoyable for all. Everything seems better in summer, right? Everything except chocolate. If there's one promotional product that does NOT mix well with warm weather and sunshine, it's chocolate. Chocolate is hands down the most challenging promotional item your company can purchase during this season. Regardless of where you're located, most shipments will pass through parts of the country where the temperature exceeds 100 degrees...

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Take Home Swag Bags: Simple, Sweet, and SERIOUSLY AWESOME!

vistage ladies

Last week, a couple of our "Gorilla Gals" attended the Vistage Ladies Luncheon where Gorilla Marketing proudly sponsored the swag bags. The speaker for the luncheon discussed the book, Fierce Conversations and the event itself provided a venue for female leaders to network and share ideas on this important topic. Our bags got a lot of attention as they reflected the luncheon theme with branding on the bag and items found inside. The goal was to keep the experience and learning from the...

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5 Promo Items Your Brand Will WANT and NEED This Independence Day!

4th of july promo

Fireworks, barbecues and American flags galore... we all know where this is going- yup... Fourth of July is upon us. This American Holiday is a holiday FULL of promotional marketing opportunity. People LOVE free stuff, but more then free stuff they LOVE free essentials. We took it one step further, we've rounded up what we believe to be Independence Day essentials that are a MUST HAVE. Your brand can be seen by anyone and everyone with these five products. Added bonus: these products are 100%...

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The Story of Gorilla

real gorilla

Today we celebrate World Environment Day. While for some this is merely a "social holiday," for us at Gorilla the day goes beyond social media posts or a hashtag #here and #there. It's about understanding our connection to our world. Inspired by our very own company icon, the Gorilla, which is currently listed as a critically endangered species due to a loss of habitat, we did a little research about this day and we'd like to share with you what World Environment Day means to...

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10 Summer Promotional Items Your Brand Needs Now!


With the hundreds of thousands of different promotional products to choose from, we get how overwhelming the selection process can be. Google tends to be the go-to guru when researching "quality" products but Google doesn't have all the answers *gasp!*. Truly excellent promotional products that will maximize exposure for your brand can and do get lost in the cyber-sea. So in the name of mighty marketing and awesome advertising we would like to present to you our carefully selected listicle of...

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6 Savory Branding Ideas for Your Busy Restaurant


For years, dinner mints have been the bread and butter of promotional marketing for restaurants. After all, people LOVE free snacks and you LOVE getting your brand out there for people to see. The downside is that the dinner mint hype can be short-lived as your awesome dinner mints are enjoyed and your branded wrapper ends up in the trash. The result: Consumer-1 , Your Brand-0. So what if we were to tell you that there are affordable, ridiculously-clever products that customers won't want...

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